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Изучаем фразовый глагол catch

В этой записи мы обратимся к фразовому глаголу catch. Зачастую это глагол остается в тени фразовых глаголов, которые подробно изучаются в книгах V Evance.

Фразовый глагол catch

catch on
1) become popular / стать популярным
2) understand sth / понять что-то
catch out
make sb do a mistake by lying/ (пытаться) поймать на чем-то сообщая неверную информацию
catch up with
join those who were ahead of you / нагнать кого-то, кто был впереди вас
catch up on
do something you did not have time to do before / навёрстывать упущенное в какой-то деятельности
catch up in
(passive) be involved into something (sometimes unwillingly) / быть поглощённым какой-то деятельностью или быть в чем-то замешанным

Упражнение на фразовый глагол catch

1.She took a few moments to catch [on] what the hell was going on there.
2.Ann was caught [up in] reading her favourite book and hardly ever knew anything about the accident.
3.He was trying hard but he couldn’t catch [up with] them. They always excelled him in every imaginable respect.
4.Although there were some fans of him he never caught [on].
5.We decided to take a day off to catch [up on] what we had missed at school.
6.She was trying to catch him [out] but he saw her through.

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Май 16, 2017