Изучаем предлоги в английском языке P3

Продолжаем изучение английских предлогов, которые употребляются со словами начинающимися на букву P. Это упражнение на предлоги основано на книгах Вирджнии Эванс. Из ее книг были заимствованы списки слов, а упражнения подобраны нами из словарей с определенной модификацией примеров.

Предлоги в английском языке P & Q

You should take more pride *** your work.
(in ) in|on|of|for
He’s always been prone *** headaches.
(to ) on|with|about|to
They climbed onto the roof to protest *** conditions in the prison.
(about ) with|about|into|for
The government was not in a position to provide them *** food.
(with ) with|about|to|for
What did they quarrel *** ?
(about ) with|for|about|up
The student seemed puzzled *** what the question meant.
(about ) in|up|about|with
Modesty prohibits me *** saying what happened.
(from ) away|out|from|off
I was getting quite quick *** designing websites.
(at ) by|at|with|in
This lightweight jacket gives good protection *** the rain and wind.
(from ) off|from|out of|away
She quarrelled *** everyone in her office.
(with ) over|with|to|about
He was punished harshly *** his crime.
(for ) on|for|to|with
The students had worked hard, and I’was proud *** them.
(of ) on|-|in|of
He began his speech with a famous quotation *** the Bible
(from ) off|away|out of|from
He prides himself on his accuracy and fluency.
(on ) at|on|with|in
To qualify *** the tournament you have to be over 18.
(for ) for|over|in|to
A long thin wool coat and a purple headscarf protected her *** cold…
(against ) against|by|through|out of

Это упражнение на предлоги хорошо подойдет для подготовки к любому экзамену формата B2 — ЕГЭ или FCE. С теорией можно ознакомиться в этой публикации. Другие части упражнения доступны по ссылкам: часть 1, часть 2.

Опубликовано: Сентябрь 1, 2015
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