Изучаем словообразование по Destination C1-C2 Часть 11

Продолжаем знакомиться с упражнениями написанными по мотивам последней части Destination. Сегодня на повестке дня тема «Quality and the arts».

Упражнение на словообразование Quality and the arts

1. The *** of public health care has been brought into question. (adequate)
2. A timeless comic actor — his simplicity and his apparent ease are ***… (match)
3. Gradually she began to notice one or two little *** in his character. (perfect)
4. There are *** differences between the two products. (quality)
5. They captured the last *** of the presidential guard. (strong)
6. Mr Jones thought my history paper was ***. (terror)
7. She is continually *** her position/authority by getting other people to do things for her. (use)
8. Our scientific research is *** funded. (adequate)
9. She’s got a secret *** who keeps sending her gifts. (admire)
10. The average family in Europe throws as much as ₤20 worth of *** materials into its dustbin each year. (use)
11. It’s impossible to *** these results without knowing more about the research methods employed. (value)
12. I think she coped *** with a very difficult situation. (admire)
13. You have to admire the *** of her novels. (art)
14. It was quiet in the streets, *** quiet. (awe)
15. The time and expense involved in keeping up to date with all the changes has been ***.(worth)
16. The latest 500 cc road bike easily *** all the competition. (class)
17. This new computer system is completely unnecessary and a misuse of taxpayers’ money. (use)
18. Many government documents are declassified after 50 years. (class)
19. Rainey was an ***, rather dull lecturer. (impress)
20. The *** has been an important member of Jewish communities for centuries… (match)
21. The German star put in a *** performance… (class)
22. Comics from the sixties are highly ***. (collect)
23. The pyramids were built as *** tombs for the Pharaohs. (destruct)
24. The school has to rely on the *** of the parents to help it raise money. (good)
25. He likes making models out of ***. (match)
26. All the children were given a bag of *** — mostly sweets and toys. (good)
27. He was describing, in his own *** style, how to write a best-selling novel. (imitate)
28. The new play at the Youth Theatre is an *** view of life in the fifties. (impress)
29. The advice from police is: if you have *** don’t leave them in the car.(value)
30. The virus deletes files and corrupts essential core microchips leaving computers ***. (use)
31. I could tell she was impressed from the *** expression on her face. (awe)
32. The new job will provide you with *** experience. (value)
33. He is unlikely to succeed in getting his bill through Congress, however *** it is. (worth)

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