Изучаем словообразование по Destination C1-C2 Часть 2

Сегодня мы разбираем словообразование из 4 юнита учебника Destination C1-C2. Для заданий на словообразование тема юнита, конечно же формальность, но я ее все таки упомяну — Change and technology.
Хотя материал книги в основном рассчитан  на уровень advanced, но в словообразовании разница между fce и cae как правило, не столь велика как в других типах заданий.

Упражнение на словообразование Change and technology

1. Branagh won two awards for his screen *** of Shakespeare’s Henry the Fifth. (adapt)
2. These plants are all easily *** to colder climates. (adapt)
3. After living abroad for so long, he found it difficult to *** to life at home. (adjust)
4. She made a few minor *** to the focus of her camera. (adjust)
5. Several police officers are being questioned about the *** of the documents. (alter)
6. No method of working, system of cropping or financial arrangement is sacred or ***. (alter)
7. Private cars are banned from the city on *** days. (alter)
8. He *** working in the office with long tours overseas. (alter)
9. Internet courses can offer an effective *** to classroom teaching. (alter)
10. As students of chemistry know, even small *** of a molecule’s structure can produce a
compound that acts differently. (arrange)
11. He seems *** of walking past a music shop without going in and buying another CD.
12. The *** to the new taxation system has created a lot of problems. (change)
13. The ground beneath us, however, appears solid and ***. (change)
14. The terms ‘drinking problem’ and ‘alcohol abuse’ are often ***. (change)
15. Do not *** the treatment without consulting your doctor. (continue)
16. There has been no *** in that class — they’ve had a succession of different teachers.
17. He still smoked despite the *** warnings of his nurse. (continue)
18. The change was gradual and by no means steady and ***. (continue)
19. The bonds are *** into ordinary shares. (convert)
20. Running a marathon is a test of human ***. (endure)
21. Isaac had found the work *** and walked out of the job… (endure)
22. The change has been *** rather than revolutionary. (evolve)
23. You can improve your *** by exercising. (flexible)
24. This type of computer is too slow and *** to meet many business needs. (flexible)
25. She wanted to work for a bigger and more *** newspaper. (influence)
26. In spite of some *** in the figure drawing and painting, it showed real imagination. (mature)
27. These enable us to make statements about the relative influence of parents and peers and the
effect of social and linguistic ***. (mature)
28. There has been a lot of opposition to *** working practices. (modern)
29. There is a stark contrast between tradition and *** on the streets of the city. (modern)
30. They will discuss the possible *** of diplomatic relations… (new)
31. The couple admired the shiny *** of their remodeled kitchen. (new)
32. ***-discovered documents cast doubt on the guilt of the two men. (new)
33. The film tells *** the story of his rise to fame and power. (new)
34. People with rail season tickets will get refunds if trains are *** late. (presist)
35. If the product doesn’t work, you are given the choice of a refund or a ***. (place)
36. Most of the porcelain you see in the display cabinets is ***. (place)
37. New technology is going to *** everything we do. (revolt)
38. Picking your nose is a *** habit. (revolt)

Предлагаемый материал по теме «словообразование по Destination С1&2 к теме Change and technology» предлагается для организации занятий или самостоятельного изучения словообразования в английском языке на уровне advanced (C1), а также подготовки к сдаче экзамена CAE или его эквивалентов.

Опубликовано: Ноябрь 7, 2014