Изучаем словообразование по Destination C1-C2 Часть 4

А сейчас мы поработаем с упражнением на словообразование, составленным по мотивам юнита 8 «Movement and transport» из Destination C1-C2. В определенном смысле такое упражнение может быть полезно и сдающим централизованное тестирование по английскому языку. Идеологическая основа ЦТ — FCE в заданиях на словообразование очень близко к CAE.

Упражнение на словообразование Movement and transport

1. Two new roads are being built to increase *** to the town centre. (access)
2. Some of the houses on the hillside are *** to cars. (access)
3. Eventually she managed to *** her shyness in class. (come)
4. She’s trying to make a *** with her first album for twenty years. (come)
5. We’ve lived here for 15 years, but we’re relative *** to the village. (come)
6. It’s too early to predict the *** of the meeting. (come)
7. I get some additional *** from writing magazine articles. (come)
8. Always walk facing the *** traffic. (come)
9. Cinema in Britain is *** a revival of popularity. (go)
10. Time to prepare was a luxury he would have to ***. (go)
11. No agreement has yet been reached and the negotiations are still ***. (go)
12. Sales reps need to be ***, because they are constantly meeting customers. (go)
13. Always *** a broken leg immediately. (mobile)
14. He has this ability of being able to remain as *** as a statue, for hours on end… (motion)
15. The rock weighed over a ton and was completely ***. (move)
16. Many roads were flooded and *** following the storm. (pass)
17. A narrow *** led directly through the house into the garden. (pass)
18. Drugs can slow down the *** of the disease. (progress)
19. The disease spread with amazing ***. (rapid)
20. Everyone is hoping for a *** end to the conflict. (speed)
21. She was fined for *** last month. (speed)
22. Further increases in imports could *** the economy. (stable)
23. The building’s *** makes it extremely dangerous. (stable)
24. It is a poor and politically *** society. (stable)
25. Our toys are designed to *** the rough treatment of the average five-year-old. (stand)
26. The rest of his family are honest *** citizens. (stand)
27. Her *** performances set a new benchmark for singers throughout the world. (stand)
28. *** some members’ objections, I think we must go ahead with the plan. (stand)
29. She pulled herself *** from the bed to the dresser. (steady)
30. Peace between the two countries was only ***. (transit)
31. We are still in the *** stage between the old and new methods. (transit)
32. The office block’s *** floors were being repainted. (up)
33. A feeling of pity for David was *** in her mind. (up)
34. Please return your seat to an *** position and fasten your belt. (up)
35. With an *** trend in inflation, you expect prices to rise. (up)

Данный материал по теме «словообразование по Destination С1&2 к теме Movement and transport» может быть использован для организации занятий или самостоятельного изучения словообразования в английском языке на уровне advanced (C1), а также подготовки к сдаче экзамена CAE или его эквивалентов.

Опубликовано: Ноябрь 9, 2014