Изучаем словообразование по Destination C1-C2

Этой записью мы начинаем публикацию упражнений  на словообразование для учащихся уровня Advanced по учебнику Destination C1-C2. Сегодня мы рассматриваем юнит, тема которого выглядит следующим образом : «Thinking and learning»

Упражнение на словообразование Thinking and learning

1.People tend to make *** about you when you have a disability. (assume)
2.`*** you’re right,’ he said, `there’s not much I can do about it, is there? (assume)
3.He was shy and *** and not at all how you expect an actor to be. (assume)
4.He had nothing to gain from lying so we saw no reason to *** him. (belief)
5.She could make even the *** know that she had drunk from the Spiritual fountains of water.
6. Management have demonstrated almost *** incompetence in their handling of the dispute.
7. He argued that morality could be *** as a series of principles based on human reason.
8. The very *** of free speech is unknown to them. (conceive)
9. Another nuclear accident in the same place is virtually/almost ***. (conceive)
10. To avoid ***, the twins never wore the same clothes. (confuse)
11. ***, blind people also respond to the light. (confuse)
12. He has a long record of previous *** for similar offences. (convince)
13. It’s not that I don’t believe you, Meg,’ Jack said, ***. (convince)
14. He won the *** which completed England’s 3-2 victory over Austria. (decide)
15. The job requires *** and persistence. (decide)
16. He was criticised as a weak and *** leader. (decide)
17. The negotiations have been put off/postponed ***. (define)
18. He did everything he could to reassure the ***. (doubt)
19. The next few days will *** prove crucial. (doubt)
20. These statements are accompanied by a series of *** notes… (explain)
21. He was shot dead earlier this year in *** circumstances. (explain)
22. For some *** reason, he’s decided to cancel the project. (explain)
23. As a child I had an *** friend called Polly. (imagine)
24. Her second husband was a steady, ***, corporate lawyer. (imagine)
25. The *** must think very hard before jailing non-violent offenders. (judge)
26. We should make *** use of the resources available to us. (judge)
27. The last *** hanging in Britain was in l964. (judge)
28. He was *** and selfish, but undeniably clever. (opinion)
29. She *** the expense by saying that the costly carpet she had bought would last longer than a
cheaper one. (rational)
30. The *** of that statement is questionable. (rational)
31. She divorced him on the grounds of *** behaviour. (reason)
32. `I can understand how you feel,’ Desmond said with great ***. (reason)
33. Maybe Jenny can bring some *** into this crazy situation. (sane)
34. For the last ten years of his life he was clinically ***. (sane)
35. Volunteers need to be *** to the cultural differences they will meet in African countries.
36. This report is *** and nothing but a waste of paper. (sense)
37. Her reply showed that she was very *** to criticism. (sense)
38. I think the *** thing to do is phone before you go and ask for directions. (sense)
39. He was known for being an original ***. (think)
40. You can’t imagine what it would be like to have your child die — it’s quite ***. (think)
41. One certainly hopes to gain a little *** as one grows older. (wise)
42. She accepted that she had acted *** and mistakenly… (wise)

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Опубликовано: Ноябрь 7, 2014