Как правильно использовать highly absolutely utterly bitterly deeply ridiculously strongly

В этой записи мы разберем как нужно использовать highly, absolutely, utterly, bitterly, deeply, ridiculously, strongly. Эти слова очень часто используются для описания других прилагательных. К сожалению, они образуют устойчивые пары, которые придется запомнить.

Устойчивые словосочетания с highly/extremely

С highly/extremely часто употребляются такие слова как:(un)likely, unusual, successful, competitive profitable, effective, controversial.
It was a highly unusual performance.
Advertising is a highly competitive business.
The new system proved to be highly effective way.

Устойчивые словосочетания с absolutely/utterly

С absolutely/utterly часто употребляются такие слова как: ridiculous, stupid, impossible, wrong, alone, appalled, convinced, devastated, miserable.
That was an absolutely ridiculous decision.
What an utterly stupid decision to make!
His friends are absolutely devastated.

Устойчивые словосочетания с bitterly

С bitterly часто употребляются такие слова как: disappointing/disappointed, resent, criticise, regret, complain, cry, weep.
The boy’s parents were bitterly disappointed at the teacher’s decision.
I bitterly regretted my decision later.

Устойчивые словосочетания с deeply

С deeply часто употребляются такие слова как: ashamed, concerned, shocked, committed, moved, affected, hurt (of feelings), care, religious, unhappy.
We were deeply shocked to hear of the exam results.
She was obviously a deeply unhappy person.

Устойчивые словосочетания с ridiculously

С ridiculously часто употребляются такие слова как: cheap, expensive, easy, low, high, long, short, small, large, early.
It was ridiculously easy to track them down.
The movie was ridiculously long.

Устойчивые словосочетания с strongly

С strongly часто употребляются такие слова как: oppose, influence, believe, deny, recommend, support, condemn, suggest, feel, argue, object.
He strongly believes that we are responsible for what happens to us in our lives.
The politician strongly denied all the allegations.

Упражнение на использование highly, absolutely, utterly, bitterly, deeply, ridiculously, strongly

Заполните пропуски предлагаемыми словами.
It’s (highly) unlikely that she’ll succeed.
I’m (absolutely) convinced I haven’t made a mistake.
She put her head on her arms and cried (bitterly).
Lots of locals are (strongly) opposed to the development.
It’s a good restaurant, and (ridiculously) cheap.
They (strongly) objected to the terms of the contract.
Most people are (deeply) concerned about the economy.
Over the years it developed into a(n) (extremely) profitable business.
He felt (absolutely) miserable about his exams.
Employees complained (bitterly) about working conditions.
The meal was (ridiculously) expensive.
She’s (deeply) religious and goes to church every week.
That was a(n) (highly) successful campaign.
His films were (strongly) influenced by her books.
She (bitterly) resented the fact that her sister had been so successful.
The film was (highly) controversial at that time.
She felt (deeply) ashamed of her friend’s behaviour.
I was (deeply) affected by the book
It is (utterly) impossible to drive in these conditions.
I felt lost and (utterly) alone.
We (strongly) condemned that attack against our allies.
Those who listened to him were (deeply) moved.
Most specialists (strongly) suggest keeping personal and business accounts separate.

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