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Тема man is known by the company he keeps

Вот нашел ещё темку в папке с олимпиадами, но не могу припомнить ее точную формулировку. man is known by the company he keeps? Может она?

Топик начинается следующим образом…

Сочинение на тему man is known by the company he keeps

Every decision we make has something to do with making a supposedly right choice. Quite often it is not easy to take all pros and cons into account while coming to a conclusion. Some people decide to toss a coin and let the so called destiny lead them. Most people are in favour of choosing something if not on a rational basis but an emotional one at least. The latter means that people tend to choose what they like most. People usually find pleasant something which is in some relation to them. In other words, like attracts like. As for me it is evident that people often bear some sort of resemblance with their choices and habits. The person who masterly proved that is Arthur Conan Doyle. In his stories about the adventures of Sh. Holmes and Dr. Watson there loads of examples of this kind. Every investigation of his is started with careful analyses of his clients. Their appearance, their clothes, their behaviour and even the way they spoke or wrote used to tell the detective a whole story. In Scandal in Bohemia hypercorrectness of the phrases in the client’s note which were grammatically correct, but unnatural from a native speaker’s point of view led him assume that the client must be German. It turned out to be a correct assumption. In another story the exact name of which I untimely have difficulty recollecting the advertisement which caught the detective’s attention or to be precise the choice of words drew him to the conclusion that the advertiser is American. When they met the person talked so loudly that it was clear that he is Englishman who is supposed to be calm and reserved. I am a keen reader of his stories and as for me it is as clear as the ABC everyone can tell a lot about a person by paying attention to insignificant and unimportant details in his choices I mean clothes, appearance and way of speaking.
Вот таким образом можно трактовать ситуацию man is known by the company he keeps на олимпиадах в 11 классе.
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