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Тема Money makes the world go round

В этой записи мы рассмотрим топик Money makes the world go round, которая часто предлагается на олимпиадах по английскому языку, для устного высказывания.
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Сочинение по теме Money makes the world go round

Money I mean people’s attitude to it is one of many questions which are highly arguable. There are two points of view on its real value in our lives. According to the first one money is not only an essential thing but also it is of the highest importance in the world. Possessing a lot of money allows buying almost everything. It’s a small wonder that some people worship it. They think that those who have a lot of money are better than those who are not. I suppose that any utterance like this is controversial. It is difficult to decide who is a cleverer person: a successful businessman or a talented scientist. They are both proficient in their own fields but they are not comparable. So I think having a lot of money is not enough to measure someone’s intellect. It goes without saying that I don’t think that the phrase like «why aren’t you rich if you are so clever?” is true to life. There are some people who neglect money as they regard greediness as one of sins. Rushing for profit sometimes leads to not only immoral actions but committing minor crimes. I mean sellers trying to deceive customers by selling products which are about to go off. Fake medicines are one of many examples of this kind. All in all, they claim that money is an evil of modern era which should be done away. As far as I am concerned money and everything which is related to it is noting more than the way of exchanging products and services. I firmly believe that nothing bad is worth being done for the sake of money. I want to have a decent salary but I don’t want to be in for something illegal to earn more money than I really need.
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