Набор упражнений на словообразование к централизованному тестированию по английскому языку Часть 6

Продолжаем работу со словообразованием в английском языке. Сегодня у нас 6 выпуск комплектов упражнений, обеспечивающих пятикратное повторение изучаемого материала. Постоянное повторение изучаемого материала позволит будущим участникам централизованного тестирования по английскому языку более успешно подготовиться к ЦТ. Сами упражнения составлены по мотивам книги Grammar and vocabulary for First Certificate с использованием примеров, заимствованных из разных аутентичных источников.

словообразование к централизованному тестированию по английскому языку

В данном выпуске рассматриваются следующие способы словообразования:

  • глагол + ion, ition = существительное (confession, addition);
  • прилагательное + ity = существительное (celebrity);
  • редко употребляемые суффиксы для образования существительных — ure (closure), ence (science), ance (existance), y (envy), cy (privacy);
  • суффикс cal для образования прилагательных (musical).

упражнение на словообразование к ЦТ № 1

The diaries are a mixture of *** and observation[confess] 
He never forgot the hardships he witnessed during the Great *** of the 1930s[depress] 
‘The proposals are still under ***,’ she said[discuss] 
My *** is that they are totally out of control[impress] 
We should go up and take *** of the land[possess] 
Harper was a teacher by ***[profess] 
The spinning wheel was a Chinese ***[invent]
They were on their way to the Shropshire Union Canal when their van was involved in a *** with a car[collide] 
Over the years I’ve come to the *** that she’s a very great musician[conclude] 
A *** was taken to discipline Marshall[decide]
It calls for the *** of all commercial lending institutions from the college loan program[exclude] 
After the second ***, all of London’s main train and subway stations were shut down[explode] 
I felt it was a grotesque *** into our lives[intrude] 
The department is responsible for the *** of residential care services[provide] 
She lived in *** with her husband on their farm in Panama[seclude]
There’s still *** about the number of casualties[confuse]
She gave a dramatic shudder of ***[repulse] 
The phase of writing that is actually most important is ***[revise] 
The duke was surprised by his wife’s *** from the guest list[omit] 
They cannot leave the country without ***[permit] 
There is to be no *** on the number of opposition parties[limit] 
The young people have claimed almost daily *** from the Virgin Mary[visit]
By 1990, it was clear that the *** of the armed forces was rapidly breaking down[cohere]

упражнение на словообразование к ЦТ № 2

The robbers threw smoke bombs to create a ***[diverse] 
It was the most scandalous ***of the truth I have ever encountered[invert] 
The company has abandoned plans for further ***[expand]
He first entered Britain on a six-month visa, and was given a further *** of six months[extend] 
An added *** is the growing concern for the environment[complicate] 
The *** and furnishings had to be practical enough for a family home[decorate]
*** is beginning to take hold in the clothing industry[deflate]
He was sent to New York as part of the Dutch *** to the United Nations[delegate] 
They’re cutting funds for ***[educate] 
The organization emerged from a *** of six national agencies[federate] 
They asked what his plans were after ***[graduate] 
The soldiers were engaged in a military *** close to the Ugandan border[operate] 
The fine was for the company’s *** of the air near its plants[pollute] 
That model won’t go into *** before late 1990[produce] 
Kim rejects *** that Country music is over-sentimental[accuse] 
Hundreds of *** are being sent out this week[invite] 
He illustrated his argument with *** from Pasternak[quote] 
I have always had the greatest *** for him[admire] 
He met with officials a few hours before the *** of the midnight deadline[expire]
Over three hundred people have died of *** since the beginning of the year[starve] 
Most living creatures are capable of *** when compelled to do so[adapt] 
Making some simple *** to your diet will make you feel fitter[alter]
My profession had an important influence in the *** of my character and temperament[form] 
I suppose I was looking for an *** which was going to be an adventure[occupy] 
*** lies at the heart of all takeovers[valuate] 

упражнение на словообразование к ЦТ № 3

Bottom of the league come engineering companies, a *** that includes the car companies[classify]
Early *** of a disease can prevent death and illness[identify] 
Lucy wants to study medicine but needs more ***[qualify]
The *** of slavery in Brazil and the Caribbean closely followed the pattern of the United States[abolish]
The project required the total *** of the old bridge[demolish] 
The fullest *** of Coleridge’s thought can be found in the Statesman’s Manual[expose] 
The government is facing a new wave of *** in the form of a student strike[oppose] 
Today the city government has taken measures to prevent a *** of last year’s confrontation[repeat] 
There’s a postage and packing fee in *** to the repair charge[add] 
You can take part in *** from canoeing to bird watching[active] 
I want to see more *** for young people[opportune] 
They are now under a great deal of pressure to tighten their airport ***[secure] 
The third-quarter results reflect continued improvements in ***[produce]
Any alterations had to meet the approval of the local planning *** [authoritative]
In 1944, at the age of 30, Hersey suddenly became a ***[celebrate]
The heat and *** were insufferable[humid]
Shocked by the results of the elections, they now want to challenge the *** of the vote[valid] 
He’s well liked by people in the ***[commune] 
I have always found the thought of *** terrifying[eternal]
Drunk driving *** have declined more than 10 percent over the past 10 years[fatal] 
They face charges of committing crimes against ***[human]
The nation’s infant *** rate has reached a record low[mortal] 
A semblance of *** has returned with people going to work and shops re-opening[normal] 
He came across as streetwise, but in *** he was not[real]
She is also 25 and a native of Birmingham, but the *** ends there[similar] 

упражнение на словообразование к ЦТ № 4

Most women, like men, work from economic ***[necessary] 
The case has generated enormous *** in Brazil[public]
The vast *** of our cheeses are made with pasteurised milk[major]
Local authority nursery provision covers only a tiny *** of working mothers[minor] 
To satisfy our own *** we traveled to Baltimore[curious]
There are stories about his ***, the massive amounts of money he gave to charities[generous]
The police have lost their ***[credible] 
We were not in the least worried about the *** that sweets could rot the teeth[possible]
Each manager had *** for just under 600 properties[response]
Everything he writes demonstrates the depth of his ***[sensible] 
Every visitor to Georgia is overwhelmed by the kindness, charm and *** of the people[hospital] 
Almost three in four clinics say they face *** by the end of the year[close] 
She kicked at the door with her foot, and the *** was enough to open it[press] 
Policies of tax reduction must lead to reduced public ***[expense]
Mr Sharp would not comment on the *** of the issues being investigated[natural] 
Watching sport gave him great ***[please] 
His interest in writing came from a long *** with a close college friend[correspond] 
You may be stuck with a miserable *** for the rest of your life[exist] 
He doesn’t have the *** to wait[patient] 
I am writing with *** to your article on salaries for scientists[refer] 
The best *** in science are very simple[discover] 
Keegan made 68 *** in two seasons for Southampton, scoring 37 times[appear] 
The nation looks to them for ***[guide]
The *** company paid out for the stolen jewellery and silver[insure]
Inside the theatre, they were giving a *** of Bizet’s Carmen[perform]

упражнение на словообразование к ЦТ № 5

They gazed in a mixture of *** and admiration at the beauty of the statue[envious] 
At first his *** only showed in small ways–he didn’t mind me talking to other guys[jealous]
In all honesty, aren’t there already far too many pages of *** research published every week?[science]
Trendy teachers are denying children the *** to study classic texts[opportune]
He made a public *** for the team’s performance[apologetic]
People change their mind for a variety of reasons[various]
I have had very little help from doctors and no *** whatsoever[sympathetic ]
Britain had laws against *** to animals but none to protect children[cruel] 
 I have sworn an oath of *** to the monarchy[loyal] 
All that money brought nothing but sadness and *** and tragedy[miserable] 
 According to World Bank figures, 41 per cent of Brazilians live in absolute ***[poor]
The *** of Kara’s phone calls increased rapidly[frequent] 
Helen had been struggling against suicidal ***[tend]
There are many ways to increase agricultural *** in the poorer areas of the world[efficient] 
He saw the publication of this book as an embarrassing invasion of his ***[private] 
He is writing a *** novel about nineteenth-century France[history] 
We have a wealth of *** talent in this region[music] 
He was not accustomed to political or ***discussions[philosophy] 
John received constant physical and*** abuse from his father[psychology] 

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