Набор упражнений на словообразование к централизованному тестированию по английскому языку Часть 1

Этой записью начинается публикация упражнений на словообразование, которые уже не однократно успешно применялись для подготовки к ЦТ по английскому языку. В качестве теоретической основы была взята книга Grammar and Vocabulary for FCE (by Luke Prodromou).

Описание упражнений на словообразование

В этом выпуске рассмотрены следующие способы словообразования:

  • глагол+er=существительное,обозначающее профессию (например: shop-shopper, teach-teacher, write-writer);
  • глагол+or=существительное,обозначающее профессию (например: act-actor, operate-operator, sail-sailor);
  • глагол+er=существительное, обозначающее устройства (например: cook-cooker, grate-grater);
  • глагол/существительное+ee=существительное, обозначающее вид деятельности (например: pay-payee, employ-employee);
  • глагол/существительное/прилагательное+ist=существительное, обозначающее вид деятельности или религиозные убеждения (например: Buddhist, anarchist, journalist, pianist);
  • прилагательные+ity/ness= абстрактное существительное (например: equal-equality, good-goodness);
  • существительное+hood/ship= абстрактное существительное (например: neighbour-neighbourhood, friend-friendship);
  • глагол+ance,ence/ment/(a)tion,(i)tion,sion= абстрактное существительное (например: admit-admittance, achieve-achievement, form-formation, oppose-opposition, omit-omission).

Упражнение на словообразование к ЦТ №1

During times of mass unemployment, there’s a pool of cheap labour for *** to draw from. [employ]
Customer services are constantly reviewing ***’ preferences. [shop]
Some *** find it difficult to deal with defiant children. [teach]
The car ***’ union is demanding a 7% pay rise this year. [work]
When he saw how badly it had been made, the *** dissociated himself from the film. [write]
In the evening we were treated to a distinguished performance by this very fine ***. [act]
A New York *** offered to acquire the company’s shares for $13 each. [invest]
How many *** will we need to supervise the whole room? [invigilate]
Dial 100 for the *** if you have any difficulties making a call. [operate]
The lifeboat rescued the *** from the sinking boat. [sail]
The shop assistant said that he needed to get his *** to authorize my refund. [supervise]
Where does the *** connect (up) to the electricity? [cook]
The company denies that it has practised discrimination against any of its ***. [employ]
Thousands of *** escaping from political persecution have arrived in the United States. [refuge]
There are some very artistic people in my *** class. [draw]
The department’s backup disks are all stored in a different ***. [build]
The *** is coming to repair our phone tomorrow morning. [engine]
Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were the first *** to reach the top of Everest. [mountain]
He was a poet, an *** and a vegan. [anarchy]
The *** himself did not paint the backgrounds to his pictures — they were done by his pupils. [art]
Both children have rejected their parents’ religion and have become ****. [Buddha]
*** were frantically researching the new Prime Minister’s background, family, interests and everything else about him. [journal]
He was a child prodigy who made his first professional tour as a *** when he was six. [piano]
Tape recordings of conversations are transcribed by *** and entered into the database. [type]
I believe her to be the finest *** in the world. [ violin ]
Civil rights include freedom, *** in law and in employment, and the right to vote. [ equal ]

Упражнение на словообразование к ЦТ №2

You can increase your *** by exercising. [ flexible]
Don’t cook vegetables for too long — they’ll lose all their ***. [ good]
Ranking artists for *** is just a matter of opinion [ great ]
What is your idea of perfect ***? [ happy ]
Those two lines of poetry express perfectly the profound *** of loss. [ sad ]
The ideal of the *** of man is still far from reality. [ brother ]
Many women now try to combine *** with their careers. [ mother ]
She’s well-known in the *** for her charity work. [ neighbour ]
Rain stopped play (= the game) during the final of the National Tennis ***. [ champion ]
It was more than an act of politeness — it was genuine ***. [ friend ]
No *** to unauthorized personnel. [ admit ]
The *** of small Japanese cars in the 1970s challenged the US and European manufacturers in their own countries. [ emerge ]
She has every right to be proud of her tremendous ***. [ achieve ]
The government’s record has been the least impressive on the *** [ employ ]
Why do men associate *** with drunkenness? [ enjoy ]
The photograph catches (= shows) the mixture of *** and fear in the child’s face. [ excite ]
Vitamin D exists in liver and fish oils and is needed for the *** of bones and teeth. [ form ]
Several police officers are being questioned about the *** of the documents. [ alter ]
Dave couldn’t find his passport at the airport and then there were further *** when Fiona lost her baggage. [ complicate ]
I count myself fortunate to have had such a good ***. [ educate ]
It seems to me his favourite *** is eating! [ occupy ]
I had no formal *** when I started working here so I was given on-the-job training. [ qualify ]
The 20th century has been remarkable for its ***. [ invent ]
Despite all the *** from her family, she seems set on marrying him. [ oppose ]
We need to take urgent steps to reduce ***. [ pollute ]
There have been a number of technical problems with the ***. [ produce ]
The lack of cohesion within the party lost them votes at *** time. [ elect ]
There are some serious errors and *** in the book. [ omit ]
These proposals will need a lot of ***. [ revise ]

Хочется надеяться, что самостоятельная работа с предложенными упражнениями и словарем окажется полезной будущим участникам ЦТ по английскому языку.

Предлагаемый материал по теме «Набор упражнений на словообразование » предназначен для организации занятий или самостоятельного изучения словообразования в английском языке на уровне upper-intermediate (B2), а также подготовки к сдаче экзаменов ЕГЭ, FCE, ЦТ или их эквивалентов.

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Опубликовано: Сентябрь 21, 2014
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