Набор упражнений на словообразование в английском языке Часть 3 4

Продолжаем публикацию дополнительных материалов на словообразование по учебному пособию Grammar and Vocabulary for First Certificate by L. Prodromou. Многократное повторения позволяет прочно усвоить изучаемую тему и получить хорошие баллы на централизованному тестированию по английскому языку.

Тематика упражнений на словообразование

В данном наборе упражнений подробно разбираются примеры образования абстрактных существительных от глаголов с помощью следующих суффиксов как: (a)tion (preservation), (i)tion (attention) и sion (omission). К сожалению, многие участники централизованного тестирования очень часто вроде бы знают как образовать нужную часть речи, но ошибаются в спеллинге и по этой причине теряют драгоценные баллы. Хочется верить, что предлагаемые задания помогут вам ликвидировать пробелы в знаниях по этой теме.

упражнение на словообразование к ЦТ № 1

There have been further *** of corruption. [ accuse ]
The hospital submitted an *** to build a new orthopedic wing. [ apply ]
His number one objective is to get a ***. [ promote ]
The study is working toward the *** of cancer. [ prevent ]
After a week of camping, I was glad to get back to ***. [ civil ]
*** from cheaper imports is making life tough for manufacturers. [ compete ]
There were a number of *** against the new tax. [ demonstrate ]
They didn’t have the necessary *** to deal with complex problems. [ imagine ]
I know you had the best of ***, but you should have consulted me first. [ intend ]
Dreams are a rich source of *** for some writers. [ inspire ]
Local residents have come out in *** to the planned closure. [ oppose ]
He intends to undertake a major *** of the Constitution. [ revise ]
Could I make a few *** about the way your essay is structured? [ suggest ]
The plane is the main *** at this weekend’s air show. [ attract ]
Many of the bodies were burned beyond all ***. [ recognize ]
I would have no *** in recommending him for the job. [ hesitate]
They had expected a pay raise in line with ***. [ inflate ]
The hospital will let you know if there are any ***. [ cancel ]
Many parents opposed the *** of the classes into different sets. [ divide ]
He gave a detailed *** of the events leading up to the accident. [ explain ]
The *** into the crash of Flight 003 is now in its second month. [ investigate ]
She has received an *** to join a new environmental policy body. [ invite ]
Please give the demonstration your undivided ***. [ attend ]
This is a non-profit *** that was founded in the 1980s to improve women’s position in the workplace. [ organize ]
We apologize for the accidental *** of the word North. [ omit ]

Рассматриваемый материал по теме «Набор упражнений на словообразование » предлагается для организации занятий или самостоятельного изучения словообразования в английском языке на уровне upper-intermediate (B2) и к сдаче экзаменов ЕГЭ, FCE, ЦТ или их эквивалентов.

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Опубликовано: Июль 1, 2015
Централизованное тестирование