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Набор упражнений на словообразование в английском языке Часть 3 5

Продолжаем публикацию наборов дополнительных упражнений на словообразование по книге Grammar and Vocabulary for First Certificate by L. Prodromou. Постоянное повторения материала позволит прочно его усвоить и получить высокие баллы на тестировании.

Краткое описание упражнений на словообразование

В данном наборе упражнений подробно разбираются примеры образования абстрактных существительных от глаголов с помощью следующих суффиксов как: (a)tion (preservation), (i)tion (attention) и sion (omission). К сожалению, многие участники централизованного тестирования очень часто вроде бы знают как образовать нужную часть речи, но допускают ошибки в спеллинге и по этой причине теряют драгоценные баллы. Надеюсь предлагаемые комплекты упражнений помогут вам разобраться с этой темой.

упражнение на словообразование к ЦТ № 1

The central issue in the strike was the *** of jobs. [preserve]
The most likely *** is that his plane was delayed. [ explain ]
He glanced briefly towards her but there was no sign of ***. [recognize]
The army met with fierce *** in every town. [oppose]
He has announced his *** to retire. [intend]
We welcome any comments and *** on these proposals. [suggest]
Looking for *** for a new dessert? Try this recipe. [inspire]
Her job is mainly concerned with sales and ***. [ promote ]
We are in *** with four other companies for the contract. [compete]
The play was shortened by the *** of two scenes. [omit]
She felt an immediate *** for him. [attract]
A concert was held at the *** of the mayor. [invite]
Her acting added warmth and colour to the ***. [produce]
The Victorians regarded the railways as bringing progress and ***. [civil]
We want a political *** that is acceptable to all parties. [solve]
The mountain gorilla is on the verge of ***. [extinct]
We were given a brief *** of the computer’s functions [demonstrate]
They could not achieve their target of less than 3% ***. [inflate]
There is a general *** of the urgent need for reform. [ recognise ]
The benefits of *** are both financial and aesthetic. [conserve]

упражнение на словообразование к ЦТ № 2

He made some minor *** to the report before printing it out. [revise]
He had the *** of seeing his book become a best-seller. [satisfy]
I tried not to draw *** to the weak points in my argument [attend]
She agreed without the slightest ***. [hesitate]
Her *** to Sales Manager took everyone by surprise. [promote]
A hedge forms the *** between their land and ours. [divide]
We do not want to see a *** of last year’s tragic events. [repeat]
Buckingham Palace is a major tourist ***. [ attract ]
A spokesman said the changes were not in *** to the company’s recent losses. [react]
With an effort of will he resisted the ***. [tempt]
It doesn’t take much *** to guess what she meant. [imagine]
Heavy seas can cause *** of ferry services. [cancel]
Further information is available on *** to the principal. [apply]
No one believed her wild *** against her husband. [accuse]
The police have completed their *** into the accident. [investigate]
*** also plays a central role in traditional medicine. [prevent]
We welcome any comments and *** on these proposals. [ suggest ]
We need at least 24 hours’ notice of ***. [ cancel ]

Изучаемый материал по теме «Набор упражнений на словообразование » предназначен для организации занятий или самостоятельного изучения словообразования в английском языке на уровне upper-intermediate (B2), а также подготовки к сдаче экзаменов ЕГЭ, FCE, ЦТ или их эквивалентов.

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