Набор упражнений на словообразование в английском языке Часть 4 3

Продолжаем ознакомление с наборами заданий для подготовки к ЦТ по английскому языку. Многие участники централизованного тестирования жалуются на малое количество практических упражнений данного рода не говоря уже о недостаточной повторяемости изучаемого материала. Надеюсь данные упражнения окажутся полезными при организации подготовки к ЦТ.

Тематика упражнений на словообразование

Данный комплекс упражнений позволяет закрепить способы образования абстрактных существительных в английском языке. От большинства глаголов можно образовать абстрактное существительное с помощью суффиксов ance/ence и ment (acceptance, existence, agreement). Для образования абстрактных существительных от прилагательных вам понадобится суффикс ness (goodness). Если наше абстрактное существительное связанно с размером или качеством, то может понадобиться th (growth, warmth).

упражнение на словообразование к ЦТ № 1

The cave descends to a *** of 340 feet. [deep]
Her work involved repeated *** from home. [absent]
He had no previous *** of managing a farm. [experiment]
We can probably claim the damage on our ***. [insure]
A slight *** of the curtains showed where she was hiding. [move]
He wrote a letter of *** to the university. [accept]
Some members traveled a considerable *** to attend the meeting. [distant]
Laughter was a rare *** in his classroom. [occur]
A look of *** crossed her face. [annoy]
Fonda speaks of his father with great ***. [warm]
I can’t thank you enough for your ***. [kind]
His ***of knowledgewas amazing. [broad]
«Leave me alone,» she hissed with sudden ***. [violent]
Our first priority is to maintain the customer’s *** in our product. [confident]
John showed high *** from an early age. [intelligent]
He was always criticising his wife’s ***. [appear]
And, with some initial *** the two men shook hands. [reluctant]
The Sunday papers are full of *** for cars. [advertise]
We worked all day without ***. [refresh]
Are you looking for greater *** and satisfaction in your work? [fulfill]
The *** of injury is critical to a professional athlete. [avoid]

упражнение на словообразование к ЦТ № 2

I wouldn’t have the *** to sit sewing all day. [patient]
Scientists have many theories about how the universe firstcame into *** [exist]
Your pension will depend on your *** of employment. [long]
A secretary came in twice a week to deal with his ***. [correspond]
I couldn’t believe the *** of the man! [arrogant]
With ***, Sally is starting to play with the other children. [encourage]
Can you just measure the *** of the door? [wide]
Opposition leaders have proclaimed their *** to the new government. [allegiant]
The fur trade now exceeded timberin ***. [important]
We arrange the work so there’s as little *** as possible. [disturb]
Vitamins are essential for healthy ***. [grow]
Our company has a *** to quality and customer service. [commit]
She suffered extreme *** at not knowing how to read. [embarrass]
In Britain, the *** of the country has historically been left to the navy [defend]
The no-smoking policy was introduced with little *** from staff. [resist]
She didn’t even have the *** to stand up. [strong]
A lot of people have a sort of *** in their lives. [empty]

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