Набор упражнений на словообразование в английском языке Часть 6 2

Продолжаем работу со словообразованием к ЦТ в английском языке. Сегодня у нас 6 выпуск наборов упражнений, обеспечивающих пятикратное повторение изучаемого материала. Постоянное повторение изучаемого материала позволит будущим участникам централизованного тестирования по английскому языку более успешно подготовиться к тестам. Сами упражнения составлены по мотивам книги Grammar and vocabulary for First Certificate с использованием примеров, заимствованных из разных аутентичных источников.

Теория к упражнениям на словообразование

В данном выпуске рассматриваются следующие способы словообразования:

  • глагол + ion, ition = существительное (confession, addition);
  • прилагательное + ity = существительное (celebrity);
  • редко употребляемые суффиксы для образования существительных — ure (closure), ence (science), ance (existance), y (envy), cy (privacy);
  • суффикс cal для образования прилагательных (musical).

упражнение на словообразование к ЦТ № 1

It cost the country $4 million in lost ***. [produce]
One of my childhood *** was collecting stamps. [occupy]
We need an effective strategy to fight ***. [poor]
You’ll have to get *** from your parents if you want to come. [permit]
There is a *** in the public mind between psychology and psychiatry. [confuse]
Gaelic is still spoken in Ireland by a tiny ***. [minor]
We are looking for graduates with *** in maths or science. [qualify]
Everyone is free to engage in peaceful political ***. [active]
The most serious form of skin cancer has a 30 percent *** rate. [fatal]
A secretary came in twice a week to deal with his ***. [correspond]
I’m *** to parents who are worried about what their children see on television. [sympathy]
When we looked around the school we got a very good ***. [impress]
He was always criticising his wife’s ***. [appear]
It improves the strength and *** of joints. [mobile]
Was King Arthur a real *** figure? [history]
It was not, in all ***, a very good start. [honest]
This evening’s *** will begin at 8.00 pm. [perform]
He made some notes for his *** use. [privacy]
The company has decided to postpone its *** on the stock market. [float]
The minister was under *** to resign. [press]
She also hopes her children will get a good ***. [educate]
A number of serious *** have been made against her. [accuse]
We’re making our own Christmas *** this year. [decorate]

упражнение на словообразование к ЦТ № 2

There was a great deal of *** to the war. [oppose]
The school bus was involved in a *** with a truck. [collide]
The Senator’s *** that he had lied to Congress shocked many Americans. [admit]
The project is under *** as a possible joint venture [discuss]
The *** of the computer has revolutionized the business world. [invent]
That week was an ***of solitude and boredom. [eternal]
The organization has been in *** for 25 years. [exist]
Eva joined in the *** as much as anyone. [hilarious]
He preferred to stay at home in ***. [seclude]
The rapid *** of cities can cause social and economic problems. [expand]
His comments show a lack of ***. [sense]
He made *** for his wife and his children in his will. [provide]
The new arts centre will serve the whole *** [common]
The room is kept at 72 degrees and 50% relative ***. [humid]
The property has a ***of $1.6 billion. [valuate]
Sleep disorders are a serious *** problem. [psychology]
I wouldn’t have the *** to sit sewing all day. [patient]
Her headaches are becoming less *** . [frequency]
A trade *** will visit Kuwait. [delegate]
Employees expect *** in the workplace. [flexible]
Names have been changed to protect the *** of those involved. [private]
She saw books as a ***, not a luxury. [necessary]
Some old people are ***about death. [philosophy]

упражнение на словообразование к ЦТ № 3

I wanted to express my *** for the way the crew handled the crisis. [admire]
Do you ever wonder if you made the right ***? [decide]
The ***of workers find it quite hard to live on the amount of money they earn. [major]
I resented this *** into my domestic affairs. [intrude]
Do you have *** on your house and its contents? [insure]
The prison was ordered to tighten *** after a prisoner escaped yesterday. [secure]
The children had suffered *** and neglect. [cruel]
Wells finally agreed, but with ***. [reluctant]
We now know a lot more about the early stages of planetary *** [form]
The company is taking steps to improve *** and reduce costs. [efficient]
When he began his *** career, King played only for black audiences. [music]
The Hubble Telescope allowed astronomers to make significant *** about our galaxy. [discover]
I spent the weekend feeling ***. [misery]
The minister had to issue a formal public *** for his remarks. [apologetic]
The following *** is taken from a nineteenth century travel diary. [quote]
We want a clean healthy environment for all ***. [human]
He had an *** to reduce the swelling in his brain. [operate]
I opened the packet just to satisfy my ***. [curious]
Many leading scientists do not consider that science can give absolutely *** knowledge. [rely]
There have been cuts in local *** on education. [expense]
Avoid using words that might offend someone’s racial or moral ***. [sense]
I soon came to the *** that she was lying. [conclude]
The costs of *** control must be considered. [pollute]
After *** Neil returned to Ohio. [graduate]
Despite the *** of the survey, it did suggest some general trends. [limit]

упражнение на словообразование к ЦТ № 4

Side effects from prescribed drugs are being reported with increasing *** [frequent]
Donald’s been given an *** to finish his thesis. [extend]
We invited a number of minor ***. [celebrate]
It’s your *** to inform us of any changes. [response]
The new model will go into *** next year. [produce]
The house has been in the family’s *** since the 1500s. [possess]
Your essays tend to concentrate on one theme to the *** of everything else. [exclude]
The fact that the plane was late added a further *** to our journey. [complicate]
I shall never forget the *** shown by the people of Bataisk. [generous]
Standards in *** have received much publicity over the last few years. [educate]
The girls come from a *** of different backgrounds. [various]
Your failing to note her mistakes is a serious ***. [omit]
The company provides cheap Internet access. In ***, it makes shareware freely available. [add]
Bring some form of ***, preferably a passport. [identify]
A massive *** ripped through the building. [explode]
There is no direct *** to her own childhood in the novel. [refer]
Her family were so ***they couldn’t afford to buy her new clothes. [poverty]
Several military bases are threatened with ***. [close]
He’s working on a screen *** of his latest novel. [adopt]
He won a medal for *** during the Iraq war. [brave]
Roger never turns down an *** to dinner. [invite]
Polly felt a sharp pang of *** when she saw Paul with Suzanne. [jealous]
Sanchez’s *** was read out to the court. [confess]
The manager was very *** about everything. [apology]
I went to a counselor for *** on my career. [guide]
There’s always a *** that he might go back to Seattle. [possible]

упражнение на словообразование к ЦТ № 5

Thanks for your *** over the past few weeks. [hospitable]
I felt a mixture of amazement and ***. [repulse]
There’s no doubt about Christine’s *** for the job. [suitable]
The restaurant was large and ***. [pleasure]
We grew up in the countryside, surrounded by the beauties of ***. [natural]
Have you noticed any *** in the patient’s behaviour? [alter]
Editors complain about the lack of *** in the ideas put to them. [creative]
Elizabeth understood her husband’s *** to his sister. [loyal]
There are five job ***. [classify]
The jacket is available in *** colours. [variety]
*** from heart disease varies widely across the world. [mortal]
Children used to learn by ***. [repeat]
‘Commit a crime’ is a typical *** in English. [collocate]
All people have the right to ***of opportunity. [equal]
I have a lot of *** for her; she had to bring up the children on her own. [sympathetic]
Two prisoners created a *** to give the men time to escape. [divert]
She has a lifestyle which most people would ***. [envious]
What we are witnessing here is human *** on a vast scale. [miserably]
There are some striking *** between the two plays. [similar]
Greg’s ***to be critical made him unpopular with his co-workers. [tend]
We’re hoping for a return to *** as soon as possible [normal]
TV is used as an escape from ***. [real]
Lucy’s mood was one of deep ***. [depress]
Email is an *** way of contacting a large number of people. [efficiency]
He was a *** and rapid prose writer. [fluency]
The area has become very *** and a lot of artists live there [trend]

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