Набор упражнений на словообразование в английском языке Часть 6 3

Продолжаем работу со словообразованием к тестированию в английском языке. Сегодня у нас 6 выпуск упражнений, обеспечивающих пятикратное повторение рассматриваемого материала. Постоянное повторение материала позволит будущим участникам ЦТ по английскому языку более успешно подготовиться к нему. Сами упражнения составлены по мотивам книги Grammar and vocabulary for First Certificate с использованием примеров, заимствованных из разных аутентичных источников.

Теория к упражнениям на словообразование

В данном выпуске рассматриваются следующие способы словообразования:

  • глагол + ion, ition = существительное (confession, addition);
  • прилагательное + ity = существительное (celebrity);
  • редко употребляемые суффиксы для образования существительных — ure (closure), ence (science), ance (existance), y (envy), cy (privacy);
  • суффикс cal для образования прилагательных (musical).

упражнение на словообразование к ЦТ № 1

We’re full of *** for all your hard work.[admire]
We were delighted by the wonderful *** of the local people.[hospital]
The closure of the center would be a terrible loss to the ***.[commune]
*** for political change increased in the 1990s.[press]
The budget will certainly include increased *** on education.[expense]
Economic *** was greater during the first part of the year.[act]
His efforts were accompanied by a sense of *** and doubt.[futile]
She kept up a thirty-year *** with Mary Hays.[correspond]
Sudan came into *** at the end of the 1800s.[exist]
After waiting for an hour, I was beginning to run out of ***.[patient]
He politely made no *** to my messy appearance.[refer]
There’s a shortage of people competent in math, ***, and technology.[scientific]
She has made numerous *** on TV game shows.[appear]
I need some *** on which university I should choose.[guide]
Millions are threatened by *** and disease each year.[starve]
The television *** of the stage play was very successful.[adapt]
The firm is planning a $30 million stock market ***.[float]
Alteration of the apartment without the landlord’s *** is forbidden.[permit]
The soldiers broke into a run, keeping ***.[form]
Walking is now Dad’s favorite ***.[occupy]
Before initiating a sale you should obtain an independent ***.[valuate]
Hotels within this *** offer only basic facilities.[classify]
The *** of a problem is the first step toward solving it.[identify]
His speech was seen as a *** of weakness.[confess]

упражнение на словообразование к ЦТ № 2

Many children show signs of anxiety and *** after a divorce in the family.[depress]
*** with management have broken down.[discuss]
Barone’s interest was in ***, wildlife, and birds.[natural]
I get a lot of *** from traveling.[please]
Reagan’s command of television was a vital *** for the presidency.[qualify]
Expecting employees to work longer hours for the same pay is a huge ***.[impose]
Public *** to the military government is growing.[oppose]
Good writing avoids unnecessary ***.[repeat]
Rachel was coming to the *** that Lenny was only interested in himself.[conclude]
Dad was putting up the Christmas ***.[decorate]
They agreed to send a *** to the African summit meeting.[delegate]
I came to Canada to complete my ***.[educate]
After *** she worked as a research chemist.[graduate]
The cleanup *** will take weeks.[operate]
The new agency is responsible for controlling air ***.[pollute]
The company has looked at a number of ways of financing its ***.[expand]
I’m going to ask for an *** on this paper.[extend]
Some people develop *** after an operation.[complicate]
As a serious candidate, you want to make a good *** on everyone you meet.[impress]
Their family home and *** were destroyed in the fire.[posses]
He was a teacher by ***.[profess]
*** like the electric light bulb changed the way people lived.[invent]
There was a *** between the French and German boats.[collide]
Their latest car has just gone into *** for the Japanese market.[produce]

упражнение на словообразование к ЦТ № 3

The police officer denied the *** that she had behaved dishonestly.[accuse]
Nobody in the office had received an *** to the party.[invite]
She lost *** in her left arm as a result of the accident.[mobile]
I think this trip sounds like a wonderful ***.[opportune]
Every precaution has been taken to ensure the personal *** of the delegates.[secure]
The *** of the storm was less than expected.[sever]
The education system showed no *** to different cultural traditions.[sense]
Parents have legal *** over their children.[authoritative]
The hotel is well known for its *** guests.[celebrate]
The whole department is suffering because of her ***.[stupid]
I will love you for all ***.[eternal]
Many people made sacrifices to achieve basic *** for women.[equal]
As well as the 13 ***, 17 people were injured.[fatal]
By respecting other cultures, we affirm our common ***.[human]
The *** rate has recently increased.[mortal]
When can we expect a return to ***?[normal]
What she had to do, finally, was face ***.[real]
The committee should make its *** later this week.[decide]
You are protected against most illnesses, with one or two ***.[exclude]
Not all the information could be displayed due to space ***.[limit]
The church is subject to *** by our local bishop.[visit]
This would result in a massive *** of funds.[diverse]
There are many *** between Ron and his father.[similar]
We both recognize the *** to get this right.[necessary]
Her behavior on the movie set attracted a lot of free ***.[public]

упражнение на словообразование к ЦТ № 4

Children were living in ***, without housing, school, or health care.[miserable]
There are many areas where the problems of *** and unemployment still persist.[poor]
Accidents occur here with increasing ***.[frequent]
You have a *** to avoid arguments.[tend]
The inspectors were impressed by the speed and *** of the new system.[effective]
Staff members are entitled to a certain amount of *** when making personal phone calls.[private]
The hospital has an ideal *** location.[geography]
There are no *** precedents for a President resigning in mid-term.[history]
Being self-employed allowed him the *** to work unusual hours.[flexible]
This policy would lead to greater *** in the region.[instable]
The path was obscured almost to the point of ***.[invisible]
One *** for the weekend is to rent a camper and drive to the lake.[possible]
You will have overall *** for sales and marketing.[response]
I hope I didn’t offend her *** by saying that.[sensible]
There were some doubts about his *** for the job.[suitable]
A line of tall trees restricted our ***.[visible]
Young women are in the *** in the fashion industry.[major]
The regulations are intended to prevent discrimination against ***.[minor]
Just out of ***, where were you last night?[curious]
He was known for his *** to his colleagues.[generous]
The jury had doubts about the *** of some of the witnesses.[credible]
They provide free *** against loss or damage up to $5,000.[insure]
The school drama society will give a *** of Hamlet.[perform]

упражнение на словообразование к ЦТ № 5

The award recognizes distinction in exploration, ***, and research.[discover]
He was sure that the other drivers looked at him with ***.[envious]
*** can ruin relationships.[jealous]
Her *** was never in question.[honest]
Of course we accepted his *** what else could we do? [apologetic]
We want to hear the opinions of a *** of people.[various]
The school should be entirely in *** with these aims.[sympathetic]
She divorced him on the grounds of mental ***.[cruel]
I was impressed by his *** to his brother.[loyal]
An *** of methane gas demolished a local house on Saturday.[explode]
How do you deal with the constant *** of the media?[intrude]
The Red Cross is in charge of the *** of emergency relief.[provide]
The family has spent the past few days in ***.[seclude]
There seems to be some *** about who actually won.[confuse]
The article, of course, is subject to *** by the editors.[revise]
There is no *** to the park after 11 p.m.[admit]
There are one or two surprising *** from the list.[omit]
They’re a very *** family.[music]
Defeat is ***. You lose one or two games and you stop believing you can win.[psychology]

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