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Тема Never do things by halves

Устные темы на олимпиадах это самое простое и самое сложное из испытаний. Если вы ответственно готовились к ней, то удивить вас, в принципе, будет сложно. Never do things by halves!
Если вы не имеет в багаже некоторого числа тем-заготовок, то можно легко попасть в неприятную историю. Сходу и безошибочно раскрыть тему порой бывает не просто. Еще проще можно наляпать при ответах на вопросы если попытаться сказать что-то на уровне избежав банальностей или рассказать нечто примитивное и получить минимум за лексическое наполнение устного ответа

Сочинение по теме Never do things by halves

It is out of the question that to succeed you must take what you are going to do seriously. It calls for both thorough planning and a responsible attitude when it comes to something really important. Sometimes it seems that you are about to fall apart but by plucking up your courage you persist in doing and win. A loser is not the one who is weaker but the one who has given up. Refusing to admit your defeat is the only way to win a fight. We compete with not opponents but the limits we dare to overcome. When you are not so determined it is clear that you will be irresponsible to do something to the best yours abilities and inevitably fail. As for me I used to go in for tennis several years ago. I was an amateur not a professional. When one of players is incomparably better it is a small wonder that the strong player will defeat the weak one. When they are equal to each other, a winner is someone who is strong-willed. I gave up playing tennis but I firmly believe that everything must be done properly as I have already told you it is the only way to ensure your win.
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