Тема No man is wise at all times

Топик No man is wise at all times из разряда тех, где все понятно, но как выстроить линию защиты не всегда бывает понятно. Мало высказаться по теме. Надо убедить в своей способности не просто говорить на английском языке, но и убеждать.

Сочинение по теме No man is wise at all times

This statement illustrates a sad, but absolute truth of life. Experience shows that it is often impossible to keep a clear head when the circumstances are pressing down on you. Even the wisest make mistakes, that’s natural. Unfortunately, the price for these mistakes is often terrible. An old statement says, that the wiser a man is the graver the outcome of his mistakes are. However these mistakes cannot be avoided. It is optimistic to the point of foolishness to expect somebody to know everything, even in some limited field. A person can be knowledgeable, but not absolutely so. There is always something we still don’t know. And there’s always the fact, that we are all human beings with our weaknesses. Humanity includes a feature of weakness and that is wonderful. Who knows, what would have happened if some people were perfect. But that the appearance of such super-humans is a very unlikely event to take place in another century or so. In the meantime we should learn to live with the realization that nobody is perfect and all of us make mistakes. That leads to a conclusion that we should treat all the information we get with some reasonable doubt. Books written by the leading professors can contain misspells. Scientists may be unaware of some side effects of their new technologies. Even the wisest men on earth can lose their heads and talk rubbish sometimes. We should always be tolerant to the blunders of others as we can easily make stupid mistakes ourselves.
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Опубликовано: Декабрь 11, 2014