Олимпиады по английскому языку 0070

Предлагаем вашему вниманию упражнение по мотивам ошибок, допущенных участниками районных олимпиад по английскому языку.

Упражнение по материалам для подготовки к олимпиадам

1. Which part of the aircraft were you aiming [ a t ] ?
2. The play [itself] was rather boring but the young actress fascinated all the audience.
3. The witness failed to give a detailed [account] of the incident.
4. She decided to treat herself [ t o ] a new dress.
5. He was in the habit of running [down] other people. No wonder they detested him.
6. If an installment is not paid in time, a legal [reminder] is issued and we will take action. REMIND
7. You are a wonderful cook. It was [ s o ] good a dinner!
8. Little is known about the blast even [ u p ] to this day.
9. The place is a popular destination [ f o r ] theater lovers.
10. The substance is highly explosive. Be [cautious] or you will be in great danger. CAUTION
11. I will not give it a try for [fear] of causing even more trouble.
12. Intelligence and academic knowledge as [such] can’t guarantee final success.
13. [ A t ] the turn of the year you will get your diplomas and you will be colleagues of mine.
14. People often make mistakes when they are [under] stress.
15. The tune [brought] back memories of his first solo concert.
16. [ A t ] one point he seemed to have been winning the game.
17. Many people would be attracted [ t o ] walking if conditions were better.
18. His behaviour aroused much [suspicion] in the neighbourhood. SUSPECT
19. A group of horsemen set off in the [pursuit] of an escaped spy. PURSUE

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Опубликовано: Февраль 20, 2017