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Олимпиады по английскому языку 0088

Предлагаем вашему вниманию упражнение по мотивам ошибок, допущенных участниками районных олимпиад по английскому языку.

Упражнение по материалам для подготовки к олимпиадам

1.Many plants are under threat of [D].
A)extinguish B)hunting C)destruction D)extinction
2.Without your help which was [B] we wouldn’t have survived then.
A)precious B)invaluable C)expensive D)priceless
3. I paid a shop-assistant at the cash [D] and smiled at her.
A)card B)counter C)table D)desk
4.I [C] up the stairs, trying not to wake my neighbours.
A)rushed B)knocked C)crept D)marched
5.She [A] with the robber and got quite seriously hurt.
A)struggled B)strangled C)shouted D)squabbled
6. He bought some bandage from the [B].
A)chemistry B)chemist’s C)chemicals D)chemical
7. Skills must be learned through practice, [C] knowledge can be acquired from books.
A)however B)though C)whereas D)in spite of
8. She was very sorry [A] all the trouble with the police.
A)about B)with C)of D)to
9.It appears she will never get accustomed [B] the hustle and bustle of the department.
A)in B)to C)with D)of
10. An excellent wheat [C] caused prices to go down by 30%.
A)crop B)cereal C)harvest D)production
11.This gadget is a waste of money. To my mind, it is [D].
A)invaluable B)priceless C)pricey D)worthless
12.They did not even make enough money to cover the [C] of the maintenance.
A)price B)worth C)cost D)bill
13. She’s managed to bring the event [B] despite its complexity.
A)on B)off C)out D)up
14. We don’t know what brought that problem [A] – it’s usually quite simple.
A)on B)up C)down D)off
15.I completely agree with your course of action.
There [is nothing wrong with] what you are doing.
16.I need some time to think your proposal over. You will get my reply tomorrow morning.
I [will sleep on your proposal] and give my answer tomorrow.
17. I’d not do this alone
I would [never/not dream of doing] this on my own.
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Май 16, 2017