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Олимпиады по английскому языку 0089

Предлагаем вашему вниманию упражнение по мотивам ошибок, допущенных участниками районных олимпиад по английскому языку.

Упражнение по материалам для подготовки к олимпиадам

1. Her invention was an inexpensive [A] effective solution to our problem.
A)yet B)then C)already D)however
2. He developed his own program in [A] with his brother-in-law.
A)partnership B)friendship C)relationship D)membership
3. Much later his software company became a(n) [household] name. HOUSE
4. He got delayed–something [came up] at home. (happened)
5. An accident is [holding up] traffic causing immense trouble. (delay)
6. His name [came up] in the conversation. What do you make of him? (mention)
7. There is no [D] in thinking about the past, the more you think about the past the more it becomes your future.
A)gain B)profit C)goodness D)worth
8. Isn’t it the [B] that they’re afraid of change?
A)true B)case C)event D)fact
9. He was [D] with grief and he had no desire to try again.
A)full B)heavy C)sad D)overcome
10.Everyone admired her [skilful] handling of such a delicate affair. SKILL
11.They are always [desperate] for help of any nature. DESPAIR
12.Don’t [take] on more responsibilities than you can handle.
13. You’ll have to work hard if you want to get [on]. There is no royal way in our profession.
14. We need to set [up] a meeting to discuss the current situation.
15.In the [light] of this information it is now possible to draw up sound plans.
16. Could you explain it again? I don’t take [in] how it works.
17. She took [up] the invitation to visit his parents.
18. What a bargain! The manager agreed to take $20 [off] the bill.
19. Aphrodite is said to have been the ancient [goddess] of love. GOD
20. Most internet users are fiercely [protective] of their privacy. PROTECT
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Май 16, 2017