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Олимпиады по английскому языку 0092

Предлагаем вашему вниманию упражнение по мотивам ошибок, допущенных участниками районных олимпиад по английскому языку.

Упражнение по материалам для подготовки к олимпиадам

1. The results of the elections were [disastrous]: we had lost them. DISASTER
2. The leading economists recommended the complete [abolition] of the tax. ABOLISH
3. You have to wait. Your complaint was [referred] to the manufacturers. REFER
4. For a nominal [fee], we deliver orders to customers’ offices.
5. He could hardly afford the plane [fare]. He had to go by train.
6. She asked the kids to put [away] the toys in the right place.
7. She likes to study in libraries where nothing puts her [off] studying.
8. It was late so I put [out] the light and went to bed.
9. Actually, she made a guest [appearance] on the show in the 1980s. APPEAR
10. Team sports are known to help to develop a child’s [social] skills. SOCIETY
11.You’d have a lower chance of [losing] the match if you trained a bit harder. LOSE
12. To his disappointment he came [twelfth] in the race. TWELVE
13.Some say the doctors made a mistake, but some believe they wanted to kill the [emperor]. EMPIRE
14.She can get her ideas [across]. Will you explain it to me one more time?
15.Can you make [out] the road sign over there?
16. They gave in without [B] up any resistance.
A)making B)putting C)taking D)getting
17.After losing yet [another] match he decided to stop playing tennis.
18. Keep [off] the lawn, please.
19. Keep [out] private property. Any trespass will be legally issued.

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Май 16, 2017