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Упражнение по материалам для подготовки к олимпиадам

She went on a school (C) to the nearest large city.
A)excursion B)journey C)trip D)travel
You should do away with an admission (A)
A)fee B)ticket
They’ve just come back from a tour (round) the country.
The council decided to (broaden) the pavement. BREADTH
At the time of the crash, the train was travelling at full (speed).
I’m pretty mad (about) it, I can tell you.
Change will come, but it will (take) time.
Hardly a day (passes) by when I do not think of you.
He managed to knock out his (opponent) in the third round. OPPOSE
In no time he (went) off the idea and stopped trying.
We won’t be able to (check) into the hotel until 3 o’clock.
They (set) off in a different direction.
You should always (D) your ideas before putting them into practice.
A)calculate B)estimate C)measure D)test
The country has made significant economic (C).
A)development B)movement C)progress D)evolution
(on the phone) Could you (put) me through to your sales department?
It took him a lot of time to (come) up with a decent solution.
(With) the introduction of this system we will easily take over our rivals.
The institute does research (on/into) economics and human affairs.
There was a(n) (introductory) offer on Italian wines at the supermarket. INTRODUCE
They were more (technologically) advanced than we. TECHNOLOGY
You have to carry (out) loads of experiments before you know what to do in situations like this.
Unfortunately, at that time I couldn’t come (up with) any useful idea.
We all were looking (forward to) holidays on sunny beaches.
His minor mistake resulted (in) a catastrophic disaster.
They came to (the) conclusion that they had to ask for help.
They (A) the interesting fact that he had lived in Africa.
A)discovered B)invented
The victim was to weak to (D) the description of the criminals.
A)made B)told C)said D)gave
Your information doesn’t correspond (to) that of hers.
You should (A) some cough medicine.
A)take B)eat C)get D)do
It took the patient quite a lot of time to (come) round after his operation.

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