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In a(n) (editorial), the newspaper suggests the victory could turn nasty. EDIT
Moral norms should be thought of as (unwritten) rules. WRITE
He stared in (disbelief) not knowing how to react. BELIEVE
His arguments for changing the rules were (unconvincing). He didn’t manage to bring them round. CONVINCE
The ideal candidate for this position will be an effective (communicator). COMMUNICATE
We’re working to narrow (down) the list of possible variants.
I decided to make an attempt (in) answering the questions above.
He (C) to say where he had hidden the stolen things.
A)denied B)accepted C)refused D)explained
Ann was so (A) about her exam that she had difficulty sleeping.
A)nervous B)bad-tempered C)stressful D)pressed
It was (B) of him to leave without saying goodbye to anyone.
A)usual B)typical
They are rich and tend to (look) down on those who are less well-off.
You proposal will not (meet) with everyone’s approval.
They grew (up) in a remote village that’s why they didn’t get (on with) others at first.
He (took) all his courage and stood up to his employer.
One more act of (disobedience) like this and you will be expelled form our college. OBEY
He had no (A) of upsetting her but it happened so somehow.
A)intention B)purpose
No wonder! It was always me at (A).
A)fault B)damage
The two men were found guilty (of) the murder.
Here at the special school we make every effort to socialize these young (offenders). OFFEND
He served his (imprisonment) on an island though it didn’t stop him from breaking out. PRISON
A car park (security) camera captured the attack. SECURE
Try to (take) into account every detail while making plans.
The mistake he had (D) was a crucial one and cost him his job.
A)got B)taken C)done D)made
Any law breakers will be (C).
A)persecuted B)disproved C)prosecuted D)prohibited
If you want to be healthy, start by (giving) up bad habits.
The nurse (A) him an injection when he lost his consciousness.
A)gave B)did C)made D)took
He went (down with) flu a week ago and he still can’t get over it.
The singer complained of a(n) (D) throat after the previous concert.
A)ache B)pain C)hurt D)sore

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