Олимпиады по английскому языку Тест по лексике 0028

Продолжаем публикацию упражнений по материалам ошибок, допущенными участниками районных олимпиад по английскому языку. Эта запись уже 28 в данной серии…

Тест по лексике по мотивам работы над ошибками

A small black car (overtook  ) mine on my left.
crossed * overtook * sped * followed
I couldn’t find the blouse in my (size     ).
place * price * size * self
She (has    ) on a new suit and new shoes.
puts * dresses * wears * has
He was wearing a white zip-up jacket, blue denim jeans and training (shoes  ).
fit * shoes * tonight * again
He went up the garden (path     ) to knock on the door.
road * way * path * street
I had to climb a steep flight of (stairs     ) to her front door.
ladder * rooms * stairs * upstairs
She swept the ashes from the (fireplace  ).
oven * fireplace * cook * cooking
Knock (at       ) my window at eight o’clock and I’ll be ready…
for * behind * to * at
I keep a spare (tyre    ) in the back of the car.
boot * brake * tyre *engine
Fortunately, the stolen painting was returned (undamaged  ). DAMAGE
How soon do you have to pay off the (loan       )? LEND
This latest incident makes his dismissal (unavoidable   ). AVOID
He pulled down his necktie and (unbuttoned   ) his shirt. BUTTON
Many of the troops suffered severe (injuries   ). INJURE
There is a (shortage   ) of nurses and doctors in this area. SHORT
The police are (widening  ) the scope of their investigation. WIDE
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Опубликовано: Январь 13, 2016