Олимпиады по английскому языку 0055

Предлагаем вашему вниманию упражнение по мотивам ошибок, допущенных участниками районных олимпиад по английскому языку.

Упражнение по материалам для подготовки к олимпиадам

1.They were amazed at the variety of goods on *** .
[C] A production B demand C offer D available
2.The teacher knocked on the window to *** the pupils’ attention.
[A] A get B pay C achieve D produce
3.The amendment was *** despite their objections.
[D] A drawn B installed C designed D established
4.After the wedding ceremony, the *** lifted up her veil to kiss Harry.
[A] A bride B wife C groom D fiance
5.Don’t plug into an electrical *** with bare hands — you could get hurt.
[C] A supplies B machinery C appliance D equipment
6.He has been *** associated with this school for many years.
[B] A tightly B closely C nearly D approximately
7.It’s always nice to meet your *** after the wedding.
[B] A companions B bridesmaids C assistants D helpers
8.It’s just *** ten o’clock.
[D] A completed B become C had D turned
9.I hadn’t seen my oldest friend since being best *** at his wedding.
[D] A friend B boy C fellow D man
10.He demanded very high *** from the people working for him.
[A] A standards B rank C level D value
11.Have you ever wanted to *** a flight to the Moon?
[D] A hold B go C do D make
12.There are all *** of architectural styles in the old city.
[B] A definition B manner C extent D imagination
13.I would say they are my favourite *** of long-distance transport.
[C] A way B shape C form D ride
14.My manager will make the *** decision about who to employ.
[C] A amazement B excitement C ultimate D adventure
15.You can take the documents home and study them at ***.
[D] A fun B enjoyment C holiday D leisure
16.For a long time, he was just thinking about how his best friend’s being out of ***.
[A] A work B job C employment D occupation
17.We can’t cope with the workload. We have to take *** more workers.
[C] A up B off C on D over
18.We plan to *** the pub by adding a few rooms.
[B] A increase B expand C develop D grow
19.The holiday wasn’t *** all the effort it had taken preparing for it
[C] A pay B value C worth D spend
20.The bright light … her to blink.
[B] A made B caused C produced D resulted

21.The sight of these massive blocks of ice is certainly most impressive and [unforgettable]. FORGET
22.She put on some [overalls] and got out a tin of paint. OVER
23.The children were asked to line up according to [height]. HIGH
24.I don’t want to forge his [signature] for you! Who do you take me for? SIGN

25.[Take] no notice of what she says — she’s just in a bad mood.
26.It was the best take-[off] of this politician that I have ever seen.
27.She did the whole project all [by] herself.
28.The idea of going grey doesn’t bother me, but I’d hate to [go] bald.
29.Our departure was delayed because [of] severe weather conditions.
30.The books in the library are classified [by] the year they came out.
31.The idea for the story [grew] out of a strange experience I had last year.

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