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Сочинение по теме One lie makes many

Trivial though may it seem, it is deadly true in most cases. Children are strongly advised not to tell lies. Rarely are they explained why it should be done. Being asked parents say it is morally correct and demand complete obedience. In cases of further discussions kids are given examples when someone, who decides to lie, runs up against even grosser problems than one act of dishonesty. In the end a child comes to the conclusion that it is a must to be honest, but he sometimes fails to see the reason behind it. Once you are kept an eye on it is clear that it is safe not to risk being caught red handed and eventually punished. I think that it is the idea of an inevitable punishment for bad deeds what prevents many people from breaking rules and laws. The treat of a punishment doesn’t work as they are aware of numerous examples when rule-breakers get away or simply are let off. The only way out is to exemplify that concealing the truth leads to making up excuses which means lying once more. Being honest is not only ethically good, but it is much simpler. It is not always pleasant to admit that you are fully responsible for not only your achievements but failures as well. Once you see the world as it is, you have good chances to be a success.
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Опубликовано: Февраль 1, 2015