Тема Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking

Ещё одна банальная тема — Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking. Ясно, что надо соглашаться, но как выстроить «линию защиты»?

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I can’t agree any more. As for me the reason for that is the way in which we are brought up. We are told to behave ourselves so as not to disappoint our parents. It is not meant to be so but a child usually learns this lesson in a weird way. From a child’s point of view, there is nothing wrong if you are not caught red handed. We are praised for good deeds and punished for bad ones by someone who is in charge, parents and teachers, for instance. Surprisingly, it doesn’t do the trick as if is the very word that makes the difference. Once you are not a toddler you are sensible enough to comprehend that bad guys often get away with minor offenses. Sadly enough, the same sometimes goes for real crimes.
Leaving out breaking law, we see that society often tries to dictate rules how to behave or even express your personality. I don’t think that restrictions of this kind are good. We are granted to have freedom to do whatever we want if none is hurt and no court can deprive us of any aspect of our personality, but what about people we contact almost everyday? Just imagine that you are a lawyer, but you are in favour of wearing bright clothes. You are highly unlikely to have many clients, as people tend to trust the so called proper specialists who wear formal clothes and behave in accordance with our image of a trust worthy lawyer. That’s why professionals have to live up to expectations of the image of a good specialist. Prejudices are not laws, so it is easier not to fight with the windmills than be defeated. It is wise to find a right place to express your personality — your family for example. Our family is the only place we are always loved and understood.
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Опубликовано: Февраль 1, 2015