Тема People ought to think of this planet as their home

Тема People ought to think of this planet as their home проста и понятна, но как ее развернуть и расширить это уже вопрос другой и от успешности его решения зависит и общий результат выступления на олимпиаде.

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Сочинение по теме People ought to think of this planet as their home

Nothing lasts forever. It’s evident for those who lost something of value. Until you lose it you are under an illusion that you will have it forever. Nobody argues when it comes to abstract things like love but if you start talking about something real like bad ecology everyone turns into a disbeliever. Our planet is huge and we have natural resources for at least 100 years they say. Maybe it’s true but in 100 years’ time our grandchildren will have no place to live. We are not masters of Earth we do borrow it from the following generations. It’s time we started to take things like that seriously tomorrow might never come not for us but our grandchildren. Don’t you want to deprive them of home? We have done a lot of damage to our planet and we ought to give it a thought how to reduce a bad effect of what we do if we are unable to fund out how to make up for it. The first thing to do is to replace fossil fuels with renewable ones. I mean building wind or solar powered stations to produce electricity. At first it may cost us a penny but we shouldn’t forget what is at stake — our future. Recycling is another thing which calls for thorough consideration. The simplest thing which can be done is to start sorting out litter we throw as it may ease further recycling. We may use water and energy more economically. For example taking a bath implies using much more water than having a shower. In any case you will be clean but choosing the latter we waste less water.
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