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Устойчивые словосочетания изучаемые в этом юните

make an appointment = arrange to meet
make friends with s.o. = become s.o.’s friend
take into consideration/account = think about before making a decision or forming an opinion
pay a visit to = visit
put emphasis on = stress
reach a level = become as good as some standard
change your mind = change a decision
keep in touch with = remain in contact with

Фразовые глаголы изучаемые в этом юните

keep out of = not get involved in / выйти из дела
keep to = not change from / следовать курсу
keep up with = follow at the same speed as s.o./sth / не отставать
keep up = maintain / поддерживать в неком состоянии
put away = put sth into the place where it is kept / положить вещь на ее место
put s.o. off = stop s.o. from concentrating / отвлекать
put sth off = delay doing sth until later / откладывать
put s.o. off = sth cause s.o. not to want to do sth / отбить охоту что-то делать
put on = put clothes onto your body / одеваться
put s.o. through to s.o. = connect so. with s.o. on the phone / связаться
put s.o. up = give s.o. a place to sleep / приютить, предоставить ночлег
put up with = tolerate / терпеть

Предлоги изучаемые в этом юните

adapt to = change in order to deal with new circumstances
apply to = concern, relate, be true for
concentrate on = using all possible mental power for
congratulate s.o. on = tell s.o. they have done very well or that you are very pleased for them
depend on = vary according to
divide sth into = separate to form different parts or groups
exchange sth for = give sth back and receive a different one instead
limit to sth = to make sure that the number of sth is not greater than a fixed maximum
receive sth with = react to sth in a particular way
treat s.o. to = buy sth for s.o, as a special action

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Устойчивые словосочетания


Фразовые глаголы




Рассматриваемые интерактивные карточки по теме «лексика» предназначены для организации занятий или самостоятельного изучения предлогов, устойчивых сочетаний, фразовых глаголов в английском языке на уровне upper-intermediate (B2), а также подготовки к сдаче экзаменов ЕГЭ/FCE или их аналогов.

Словообразование изучаемое в этом юните

aware — UNaware, efficient — INefficient, correct — INcorrect, honest — DIShonest, legal — ILlegal, capable — INcapable, polite — IMpolite, willing — UNwilling, wise — UNwise, fair — UNfair.

Лексика по теме like and dislike

keen on object/-ing = liking very much or interested
fond of object/-ing = liking very much and with strong emotion
feel like object/-ing = want to do sth at a particular time
fancy object/-ing = want sth or to do sth
in the mood + for + object = with to feeling that you would like sth or to do sth
desperate + for + object = wanting sth or to do sth very much
have a desire + for + object = the feeling of wanting sth
appeal to + object cause s.o. = to like or be interested in
attraction of + object/ing = the qualify of causing s.a to like or want
approve of + object = like or agree with an idea or action
dislike for + object = the feeling of not liking
have a dislike for + object = dislike slh
hatred of + object + ing = the feeling of hating
enjoyment of + object = the feeling of enjoying sth
get enjoyment out of / from + object = feel enjoyment because of
have a good time = enjoy yourself / hope you have a good time on your holiday
object to sth / -ing = say that you dislike or disagree with sth
have an/no objection to sth/-ing = not dislike or disagree with
oppose to sth/-ing = dislike or disagree with

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