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Предлоги в английском языке A3

Завершаем публикации с предлогами в английском языке на букву A. Вашему вниманию предлагается продолжение упражнения по материалам книг Вирджнии Эванс.

Предлоги в английском языке A3

Kids, will you stop arguing *** each other?
(with ) to|over|against|with
I’m sure that most athletes will approve *** the new rules on drug testing.
(of ) of|with|for|out
He said they would appeal *** the decision…
(against ) on|up|against|to
A second goal moments from the end assured us *** a place in the final.
(of ) with|about|of|out
Call me when you arrive *** the airport.
(at ) in|over|at|out
The police say seven people have been arrested *** minor offences.
(for ) at|on|for|about
The main thing is to attend *** the suffered.
(to ) by|in|to|for
It was a matter of principle and not a personal attack *** him.
(on ) on|into|at|for
She’s applied *** a job with an insurance company.
(for ) to|over|at|for
He was astonished *** how much she had changed.
(by ) with|on|off|by
The British Prime Minister arrived *** Tokyo today.
(in ) in|to|off|at
Ralph was aware *** the heat for the first time that day.
(of ) with|for|of|at
I’m ashamed *** you. You’re big enough to know better.
(of ) for|at|of|with
She is very attached *** her family and friends
(to ) by|on|to|with
The two men at the bar were arguing *** politics.
(about ) into|about|up|at
You should ask your parents *** some advice.
(for ) about|in|with|for
Это упражнение на предлоги хорошо подойдет для подготовки к ЕГЭ или FCE. С теорией можно ознакомиться в этой публикации.

Июль 27, 2015
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