Прошедшие времена past simple past continuous past perfect past prefect continuous used to be get used to

В этой записи мы повторим и закрепим на практике времена past simple, past continuous, past perfect, past prefect continuous c использованием лексики из Destination B2. Мы не только изучим грамматические правила, но и повторим лексику из книги.

Основные правила использования past simple

Past simple употребляется, когда мы говорим о:
— единичных завершенных действиях
He beat his opponent and became a champion.
— привычках в прошлом
Did you go in for any youth competitions when you were a kid?
— постоянные действия в прошлом
He took to swimming when he lived near the sea.
— общеизвестные действия и факты в прошлом
The boxer pulled out the tournament since his previous injuries.
— главные события в повествовании о прошлом
He had his go and won the match.
used to указывает, что действие совершалось в прошлом, а сейчас по ряду причин оно не совершается.
He used to play golf but he went off it.

Основные правила использования past continuous

Past continuous употребляется, когда мы говорим о:
— действии происходившем в указанный момент времени
She was concentrating on her last match at 10 o’clock.
— временных ситуациях в прошлом
He was taking part in talent contests at that time.
— действиях вызывавших неприятные ассоциации в прошлом (с always)
They were always going mad about the championship.
— действии происходившем в указанный период времени в прошлом
We were getting ready for the final all evening on Friday.
— действиях происходивших одновременно в прошлом
While he was competing with his opponent, his coach was having a good time.
— фоновых действиях при рассказе в прошлом
He was talking with an amateur sportsman when the coach came up.

Основные правила использования past perfect

Past perfect употребляется, когда мы говорим о:
— действии в прошлом совершившимся до указанного момента в прошлом
He had got round to his trainings before the sporting season started.

Основные правила использования past prefect continuous

Past prefect continuous употребляется, когда мы говорим о:
— действии в прошлом совершавшимся до указанного момента в прошлом с указанием длительности действия
He had been running around the field for half an hour before he took his racket and started playing tennis.

Упражнения на времена группы Past

Упражнение 1
Употребите глаголы в скобках в одном из прошедших времен
1. He (do) his best but he couldn’t score.
2. They (train) for a year before they (get) it right.
3. They (take) it in turns to practice the defensive movement at 3 yesterday.
4. He (train) hard and he (take) his chance to knock out the opponent.
5. She (go) to a golf course when she (meet) him.
6. While I (get) ready to serve a ball, my coach (talk) with an umpire.
7. I (watch) the play before I (read) the original book.
8. I (use) to have a lot of free time when I was a student.

Ответы: [1.did 2.had been training, got 3.were taking 4.trained,took 5.was going, met 6.was getting, was talking 7.had watched,read 8.used]

Упражнение 2
Употребите глаголы в скобках в одном из прошедших времен
1. She (experiment) on it for a week before it (come) off.
2. He (repair) the engine when his friend (call)
3. While I (perform) the experiment my partner (talk) with another scientist.
4. He (get) a phone call, (turn) off his laptop and (go) away.
5. After she (calculate) the possible result of the experiment, they (do) it.
6. The electronic equipment (break down) last week.
7. I (use) to consider becoming a scientist, but I (change) my mind later.
8. She (discuss) it with him and (reach) the conclusion.

Ответы: [1. had been experimenting, came 2. was repairing, called 3. was performing, was talking 4. got, turned, went 5. had calculated, did 6. broke down 7. used 8. discussed, reached ]

Для ознакомления с ответами выделите блок [].

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