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Упражнение на фразовый глагол BREAK

Some strangers broke *** my flat and stole my laptop.
(in ) up|out|in|down
I have to take the bus as my car broke *** yesterday.
(down ) down|out|to|up
In the end we had to break *** our agreement.
(off ) down|in|through|off
The fight broke *** unexpectedly. There were no reasons for starting it.
(out ) down|in|out|through
The news came as a shock to her so she broke *** and started crying.
(down ) off|up|down|through
Our school breaks *** on the third of May.
(up ) into|out|up|to
She used to break *** my private conversations.
(into ) to|out|up|into
You had better break *** as you have very little in common.
(up ) up|in|to|into
I did my best to break that bad news *** her parents.
(to ) to|down|out|off
We managed to break *** of the locked room.
(out ) in|out|off|through
Yet another peace talks broke *** and the war started again.
(down ) in|down|off|into
Broke the words given *** into the groups.
(down ) down|through|off|out
He suddenly broke *** and after a short pause he continued his speech.
(off ) off|down|in|up
The police broke *** the crowd and caught the criminals.
(through ) out|off|through|to

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