Проверяем фразовые глаголы CALL & CARRY

Эта запись посвящена упражнению в котором отрабатываются фразовые глаголы (CALL & CARRY).
С теоретической частью вопроса можно ознакомиться по ссылке (call) и ссылке (carry).

Упражнение на фразовые глаголы CALL & CARRY

One rainy day he called … her house to know that she had left for Mexico.
(in ) out|at|in|up
They got carried … by the astonishing beauty of the place.
(away ) on|through|away|out
The experts are expected to call … us next Monday. It will be just a formality.
(on ) in|out|on|for
We were called … three after after the border conflict broke out.
(up ) for|up|in|out
She carried … with her research on that topic in spite of its complexity.
(on ) through|on|away|out
This problem calls … a prompt reaction.
(for ) in|for|up|off
They managed to carry … a successful attack on the enemy lines resulting in winning a battle.
(out ) on|away|out|through
We had better call … a specialist to sort out such a complicated case.
(out ) out|for|on|up
We had to call … the concert because of problems with the band.
(off ) up|on|into|off
I reckon she is capable of carrying this task … .
(through ) on|through|out|with

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Опубликовано: Октябрь 3, 2015
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