Проверяем фразовый глагол COME

Эта запись посвящена упражнению в котором отрабатываются фразовые глаголы (COME).
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Упражнение на фразовый глагол COME

They used to come … from time to time, but we don’t meet now.
(round ) down with|off|round|up
He came … the flu. He was expected to get over by the end of the week.
(down with ) down to|up to|down with|up with
While reading morning newspapers I came … a very interesting article.
(across ) across|into|out|up
It was John who came … the idea which helped us to think of the plan.
(up with ) up with|to|up|down to
A complete stranger came … me and gave me this package.
(up to ) up to|down to|up with|into
Never come … his name in her presence.
(up ) out|to|up|with
It will take these stains much time to come … .
(out ) out|in|up|with
These flowers are the first to come … in spring.
(out ) in|out|at|round
After he had come … he told the police about other members of his gang.
(round ) into|off|round|out
He came … a lovely house at the seaside.
(into ) up|into|out|at
Unfortunately I failed to come … their standards of quality.
(up to ) by|up to|up with|out
I’m afraid I’ll have to cancel our press conference – something’s come … .
(up ) off|round|up|into
The event came … 10 000$.
(to ) round|away|to|out
This ring came … me after my granny died and it is yours now.
(down to ) up|down to|off|down with
The plan came … though some experts considered it risky.
(off ) into|by|up|off
Documents like this are hard to come … .
(by ) down|by|round|off
Her second book will come … next month.
(out ) in|out|up|with

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Опубликовано: Октябрь 4, 2015
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