Проверяем фразовый глагол GET

Эта запись посвящена упражнению в котором отрабатываются фразовые глаголы (GET).
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Упражнение на фразовый глагол GET

1. At the moment you are not doing well at school. I’d rather you got … your studies.
(down to ) along with|across|down to|down
2. They had different points of view on many things, yet they got … each other.
(along with ) round|along with|up|at
3. Somehow the news got … and he had to resign from his post.
(out ) out|on|away|through
4. I couldn’t get the bread … . It was stale.
(down ) down|in|through|up
5. if you didn’t get … your teacher, just text her about your being absent at school today.
(through to ) round to|away with|through to|down to
6. Being unemployed he had to get … difficult time hoping for help from his relations.
(through ) down|on|through|off
7. She did her best to get him … but it was in vain. He didn’t change his mind.
(round ) back|round|along|at
8. It is Sunday and I don’t want to get .. early. Why don’t we lie in?
(up ) in|at|on|up
9. Once you get … this material, you will have no difficulty in passing your final test.
(through ) away|at|through|across
10. You had better get … doing your assignment or you will be in trouble with your teacher.
(round to ) on with|down|round to|at
11. I don’t fully understand what you were getting … when we talked at our central office.
(at ) on|with|at|in
12. He tried to get … in spite of various problems.
(along ) back|along|over|on
13. He is getting … extremely well at college. He is expected to win a scholarship.
(on ) on|over|up|across
14. In the end she got … the things which were stolen the week before.
(back ) back|out|round|off
15. Mike will not make a good teacher. He often fails to get his ideas .. .
(across ) down|on|across|through
16. My teacher’s comments get me … . I can’t concentrate on my studies.
(down ) down to|up|down|away
17. It took him three days to get … his illness.
(over ) down|off|over|round
18. Can you imagine he managed to get … a reprimand, not a fine.
(away with ) along with|back|down|away with

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Опубликовано: Октябрь 8, 2015
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