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Проверяем фразовый глагол PAY

Эта запись посвящена упражнению в котором отрабатываются фразовые глаголы (PAY).
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Упражнение на фразовый глагол PAY

All those weeks of studying will pay … when you take the exam.
(off ) out|back|off|down
He tricked me and I’m going to make him pay … it!
(for ) off|down|for|up
They had to pay … one fifth of the price in cash.
(down ) back|off|down|up
Hundreds of workers have been paid … .
(off ) back|off|for|down
Finally they paid … , but only after receiving several letters of complaint.
(up ) off|up|down|back
He finally paid his overdraft … .
(off ) down|for|off|back
I don’t think we can afford to pay the full amount … now.
(back ) for|back|up|off
Some day I’ll pay you … for this!
(back ) back|down|for|off

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Октябрь 16, 2015
Олимпиады Централизованное тестирование