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Say what it would be like to eat in places like these. Which place do you find more relaxing?

Очень редко, но это не значит никогда ситуации совпадают от слова совсем. Мы уже сравнивали места приема пищи и в отличии от почти дубля про дома и их расположение, в данном случае к ранее расмотренной теме добавить нечего. Жизнь от этого у участников олимпиад проще не становится. Ситуаций для обсуждения по картинками существует очень много.

Ответы на вопросы к теме say what it would be like to eat in places like these. Which place do you find more relaxing?

I. What is a balanced diet?
A diet is a set of different kinds of food which is cooked and eaten with a particular aim like either gaining or losing weight and for some medical reasons. When people suffer some illnesses they are often advised to eat
something specific. A balanced diet is not about achieving some result. It is something different. With its help people try to stay as healthy as they are. It is like laying the basement of a building compared to a doing up effect of those specific diets. If you follow a balanced diet you don’t leave out any food groups you just consume them in reasonable amounts.
2. How does diet affect your health?
I wouldn’t say that I have any reasons for sticking to particular diets so possible effects of dieting in a special way are unknown to me. The way I eat is normally referred to as a balanced diet. I eat meat, fish and eggs in moderate amounts so you wouldn’t call me a vegetarian. I think they are necessary for normal growth of a teenager. I like vegetables and fruit. As for bread, it is sensible not to eat much of it. It is a custom in my family to start a day with a bowl of cereal. It makes a good start of a day.
3. Have you changed your diet recently?
I don’t make much fuss about dieting. I try to eat in a healthy way regarding food as fuel and building materials. I make certain that my intake includes main food groups and it is large enough to meet my body needs. As you know people who don’t belong to the same age group need different quantities of food to be healthy.
4. What kind of food is eaten a lot in Belarus?
I haven’t carried out any research in this area so I can only make guesses. As for traditional belorussian meals they are made from potatoes but people of many nationalities live in Belarus and they have their national dishes. Even if we talk about the Belorussians we should remember that despite our love for them the dishes are not an everyday guest at our tables. A wide choice of products at food shops makes it difficult to say with confidence which food is most often eaten in our country. The potato is an obvious favourite but I can’t bet on it.

Published: 2017-08-11
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