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Say what the advantages of learning in these situations might be. Which type of lesson would you prefer?

Переходим к теме учеба и в ней нам нужно сравнить различные подходы к обучению. Картинки могут предложить различные, но,как минимум, нужно быть готовым к следующим вариантам: групповое, индивидуальное и самостоятельное обучение.

Обсуждение ситуации say what the advantages of learning in these situations might be. Which type of lesson would you prefer?

Learning something has never been an easy and painless process as it is as hard work as what most grown ups do to make a decent living. Educators always try to make learning as enjoyable as it is possible. At early stages of acquiring a new skill or gaining new information it is still possible. After some time the difficulty of offered tasks is gradually increase and some problems are likely to arise. Complex topics can’t be dealt in a playful way. Unless a student takes his or her studies seriously very little progress will be made. That is why I suppose that self studying is the best way to gain knowledge and skills. If you study in this way it mean that you seriously want to succeed as your choice is the most difficult and most effective way of learning. If you are not afraid to start you are motivated and self-organised enough. Your speed will be lower than if you had a teacher but carefully chosen books make good enough advisors. There are two main ways of assisted learning: in a classroom or with a private tutor. A tutor is by means the fastest way to gain some knowledge as it is easier for teachers to adjust their teaching methods to the needs of one student rather than a group of them. But the problem with them is that if it comes to gaining and practicing skills it is better to have a partner with your level of competence. If we talk about learning languages you had better have as many people to communicate as it is possible. This peculiarity makes studying languages in a group a better choice than hiring a tutor. If you missed several say chemistry lessons turning to a tutor so as to come up with your classmates would be a good option.

Ответы на вопросы к теме say what the advantages of learning in these situations might be. Which type of lesson would you prefer?

1. What is more important for success: to have natural abilities or to work hard?
I suppose that both qualities are important enough. If I had to chose my choice would be determination to work hard. Having natural abilities will be a clear advantage in the beginning though in the long run the hard working can catch up with the brainy. If you leave out inventions other kinds of activities are better for those who are ready to give a task another try. You can master any skill you like if you are have enough determination and one hundred years to try.
2. What is your favourite subject?
Of course, it is English. This subject is taught at a good level in my school and most of my classmates are fond of english lessons which are always lively and interesting. Our teacher thinks that communication is more important than any other aspects of learning a foreign language. We listen songs and watch videos in english so as to discuss them later. I find these activities more interesting than doing grammar exercises. Fluency is more important than accuracy if you are able to get across your ideas effectively.
3. Do you agree that doing well at school can lead to good career opportunities?
It is clear that having a good education means a good start in one’s career but it can’t be seen as an everlasting advantage. If you do well at university it means that you are good at dealing with typical situations you may have to see to. However, it is not all that clear whether you will be able to cope with unusual problems and come up with solutions to them.
4. Is it easy for you to make a decision?
Making decisions is quite easy though not going back on them is rather difficult. When you have to decide what to do you simply gather as much information as you can. If you have enough date you go by it. Whatever your findings are they form up your decision. Of course you have some alternatives to choose from. Comparing them you choose the best one and put it into practice. Sometimes You don’t have enough information and you have either to rely on your intuition or hesitate until you get enough.

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