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Say which activity would be more popular with teenagers. How useful do you think these activities would be for teenagers?

В ряде ситуаций, для обсуждения на олимпиадах, не всегда понятно о чем говорить. Правильнее было сказать, что так было до появления картинок. И раньше при подготовке к непростым темам для определения ее содержания обращались к вопросам после темы.

Обсуждение ситуации say which activity would be more popular with teenagers. How useful do you think these activities would be for teenagers?

Как легко представить, в рамках озвученной ситуации можно предложить любые сеты картинок. Под этой формулировкой можно подать и hobby и leisure time. Мы же посмотрим на вопросы и попытаемся разобраться в теме спортивных предпочтений подростков. В каких же вариациях можно себе представить картинки? Командные и личные виды спорта? Контактные и неконтактные виды спорта? Традиционные и экстремальные(не обычные) виды спорта? В одном из сборников FCE предложили сравнить лыжи и шахматы :).
It has always been typical of the young to compete with peers. It explains why they are fond of competing activities. Sport is the best opportunity to challenge others. It is understandable that to prove your excellence you choose the sport you are good at. You are more likely to do better those kinds of sports for which you have some kind of disposition. People of medium height will not make good basketball players no matter how hard they would try. As for marathon runners they don’t look like sportsmen at all. They have stamina and a strong will to undergo stresses of all kinds but they don’t look as impressive as body builders. For this reason I think that sporting activities that require special physical qualities will not take off. The fewer limitations the sporting activity places on potential candidates the higher its chances of catching on are. It would be good if there were no need for special sporting facilities. All the requirements mentioned above should meet if we want to pick the sport which most teenagers will find appealing. The best candidate I could think of is football. All you need to play it is a big enough place and a ball. Other kinds of sport are not worse than football but to practise them you may need special facilities or certain weather conditions. Skiing can’t be popular in countries where winters are mild or short.

Ответы на вопросы к теме say which activity would be more popular with teenagers. How useful do you think these activities would be for teenagers?

1. Would you like to try any extreme sports? Which ones?
I am not sure that taking up any extreme sport is a good idea. People love sport and at an armature level it is a good hobby. When we talk about doing sport professionally we know that it is dangerous due to various injuries which are inevitable as you have to push yourself to your limits. Extremes sports are even worse than professional sport as you put you life at risk without any reason. Take white water rafting for instance where any underwater piece of rock can be a threat to your life. Paragliding is little better than it as you already have a means of rescue, the parachute, but I regard all these activities as life threatening and unnecessary risks to take.
2. Have you got a favourite hobby? What is it and why do you enjoy it?
My favourite hobby is reading as it is the best way of gaining experience from others’ mistakes and attempts. I think there is not such a thing as too much wisdom and knowledge and any way of gaining them is a welcomed addition. People get more experienced by trying to do something on their own but keeping an eye on them and learn lessons from others’ mistakes is more painless and faster than trying to do so by yourself. With enough imagination and curiosity reading makes the best hobby possible.
3. Do you think it is important for free-time activities and hobbies to be educational?
It would be quite useful if it were so. Free time activities are expected to be some kind of rest from daily routine. If your day is all about studying not having breaks will not do you any good. It’s has been proved that changing the nature of your activities is the main thing. I don’t mean that your hobby shouldn’t have anything to do with education. It ought to be somehow of different nature. Reading is a safe option but mind what you are going to read.
4. What is the most popular free-time activity among your friends?
People who are serious about studying take up reading as a hobby. At least, it is true about my friends. As you can easily guess they prefer reference books to any other kinds of books. You may say that they have no free time and you are right again but it doesn’t bother them. Studying for them is both a hobby and passion. We don’t take offence when someone calls us bookworms as we are too busy with our yet another book which grabs all our attention and time

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