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Say which person you think has the most difficult job. Which job do you find more interesting?

Переходим к обсуждению различных работ и их влиянию на нашу жизнь.

Обсуждение ситуации Say which person you think has the most difficult job. Which job do you find more interesting?

People spend at least one third of their lives at work and nobody would deny that the right choice of a job is very important. Everyone should be serious while making a choice of a job to do. There is a long list of jobs to choose from which makes the whole procedure more complicated. There so many things to be taken into account so it is wise to decide what the most important things for you about jobs are. Sometimes we have to make compromises like our likes and salaries. Well paid jobs are not always our idea of an interesting profession to do. As you know caring professions have something to do with taking care of others, say, teaching, nursing and social work. People in these professions make lives of the young and the old better. Thanks to teachers and social workers, most people may work full time knowing that their parents and kids are kept an eye on. Without caring professions we wouldn’t have much time to work most effectively. The problem is that fewer and fewer people want to train as teachers and social workers because of relatively low salaries and little or no perks at all. If it continues ageing population may become a social problem to our society. We have more people to look after and the number of those who agree to do so is decreasing. As for other professions, I would describe them as productive, they have one trait in common: an activity results in creating something new. Since people in these professions are involved in producing something which can be sold their incomes are higher than those of people who don’t produce but take care of others. On the whole, the work of the former is harder than that of the latter. In most countries in Europe you don’t need university education for caring professions whereas it is a must for engineers. The price for the mistakes made by engineers is high and you will suffer from them almost instantly. I am sure that while choosing a job one should think about their abilities and likes first, and salaries in the end.

Ответы на вопросы к теме Say which person you think has the most difficult job. Which job do you find more interesting?

1. Do you think you would enjoy running your own business?
The idea of running your own business seems quite attractive especially if you forget about all the risks involved. With a great opportunity always comes a greater responsibility. Many people try to set up companies though the few become a success. The vast majority of those who try become broke as being in charge of something of importance is a challenging task to take on. The wealth of luckier ones comes at a high price to be under constant stress. That is why I am not so optimistic about this idea.
2. What are, or will be, the most important things to you about your career?
I suppose the most important thing in any career is having chances of promotion and self satisfaction. Any type of work can’t be as easy as a pie but what makes up for it is a ray of hope that it will change one day. Earning a good salary is possible when you are a true specialist. Different perks such as a company car and medical insurance are always welcomed but you should like what you are doing and have reasonable goals to achieve.
3. How many hours a day do you think people ought to work?
I firmly believe that a tired worker is not an efficient one. If you are half asleep you can’t work to the best of your abilities. In my opinion a working day should end before workers’ productivity declines. Doctors say that a working day shouldn’t last longer than eight hours. It would be even better if it were flexible. Unfortunately it is not always possible. The most evident example of it is kinds of works related to construction lines where some workers depend on the results of work of their colleagues.
4. Is it important to plan your day?
If you have a clear understanding what to do and there will be no obstacles on your way you may skip planing your future actions. If the former is natural thanks to your vast experience but the latter can’t be guaranteed by anyone. Those with experience know that if something may go wrong it does so. While planning you should try to estimate the probability of the things which may go wrong and think of your plans of actions. You can’t prevent all the unfavourable things from occurring though you will know how to react to these minor misfortunes and avoid pitiful results.

Published: 2017-08-08
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