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Say which place is closest to your ideal home. What place would you prefer to live and why?

Как правило, на олимпиадах в рамках одного набора ситуаций для обсуждения темы не повторяются, а вот картинки могут. В своей текущей форме устная часть олимпиады похожа на первую часть FCE. Если пролистать соответствующие пособия, то можно выяснить, что кроме сравнений многоэтажных зданий и коттеджей, могут предложить сравнить и почти одинаковые типы зданий, но расположенные в разных типах местности. Эта подача ситуации подмешивает к types of housing и different lifestyles. Предположим, что нам выпал такой набор картинок.

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24 hours makes a day. One third of it you will be at work and at least another eight hours you will be at home. it explains why choosing places to live and work you create your life. While making the choice of accommodation to live you’d better spare a thought about the place where to commute on a daily basis. Let’s try to take both factors into account. As for central part of cities there is not much variety there. All we usually have are high rise buildings. To tell you the truth I am not in favour of either living in a block of flats or city centers. Thanks to them we lack privacy as you live in relatively small flats with loads of noisy neighbours. We also suffer from bad ecology as there is much traffic and industrial buildings around. Last but not least, you will always be in a hurry as it is part and parcel of life in a big city. I think suburbs are a better place to live in than central parts. In my opinion central parts in town are more suitable for offices than living buildings. Suburbs are usually less crowded with more place to live in. The most common type of building there is the detached house.This type of housing and the territory around it give you more freedom to turn your dwelling into a castle. Maintenance costs are higher that those of owning a flat, but it is understandable. Some people prefer living in rural areas and they don’t have much of a choice when it comes to choosing a place to live. They are cottages which have no advantages over detached houses. Despite all ecological benefits I wouldn’t like to live in remote areas. I don’t want to be cut off from modern society and until I am in my 70s I will not fall in with the plan of heading for the country.

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1. What do you do when you are tidying up your room?
It heavily depends on what I am asked for. I have no particular preferences. I may do whatever is needed. My mum hates cleaning the kitchen after cooking and it is quite understandable. That’s why I often offer my help as I have a less busy schedule. What is to be done calls for doing it at once. Putting it off is not a solution.
2. Do you help your mother with housework every day?
I try to be of help and I think it is fair that my parents expect me to help. I don’t have to work so I have more time to do the housework. Thanks to food processors and dish washers cooking doesn’t take much time. Cleaning rooms is not a problem because of the hoover. Routine work ought to be done whether you like it or not.
3. Can you make a meal?
Of course, I can. Whether it will be good or not is another question. My mum is always favourable in her comments on my cooking abilities whereas my dad is more realistic and less fond of them. I regard cooking as a poetry of tastes and flavours when you are in no hurry. My favourite is the cake as it can be of different forms with various stuffings. I do my best to cook them and try even harder so as not to overeat them. Putting on extra weight is bad for medical reasons.
4. Are you a home-lover? Do you spend most of your free time at home?
I wouldn’t say that I like being locked up inside but I like the company of my parents more than any one’s else. They are home-lovers and I seem to be one too. They are fond of times which were my past and theirs youth. I grew up listening to music of the 80s and I like it too. Apart form the music of that period I like watching old films from the 70s and 80s. Producers at that time didn’t know such words as spin-offs and sequels. Their films were original in terms of plots.

Published: 2017-08-08
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