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Say why people choose to eat in places like these. Where would you prefer to eat?

Переходим к теме еда и в этом конкретном случае нужно обсудить разницу между различными местами питания. В отличии от темы про дома сравнивать придется три варианта. Мне кажется что, не стоит себя ограничивать только теми вариантами, которые будут на предложенных картинках.

Обсуждение ситуации say why people choose to eat in places like these. Where would you prefer to eat?

Long ago people used to eat when they were hungry. They didn’t bother while choosing places where to eat. The choice of what to eat wasn’t difficult to make. There weren’t professions like dietitians and waitresses. These days people are making more fuss about eating than ever before. Helping people to satisfy hunger has become a large industry with lots of people employed in it. Many people treat eating out as a kind of entertainment. When thinking about where to eat out we have many various options to choose from. To begin with you have to decide on the type of place to make for. It can be a luxurious but expensive restaurant or a cosy but overcrowded cafe. The pub is not an option as their clients often go drunk and cause trouble with the police. Let’s compare cafes and restaurants. It is obvious that we visit these places on different occasions. If your reason for going out is an anniversary so you are likely to head for any restaurant. They have a wider variety of meals on offer which won’t come as cheap as those from cafes. As for tips, they will be bigger as well. If money is not your consideration, I would advise going to a good restaurant if you have something which calls for celebration. To my mind fast food restaurants have very little in common with proper restaurants and places where people buy fast food should have another name rather than a misleading one they have at the moment. Fast food is usually of law quality and it should be avoided due to medical reasons. Cafes are for less formal occasions. A list of meals will be quite short and your choice will be limited to cafes’ specialties. It is not a problem as people go to cafes to pass the time and have a good time. Cafes are usually less formal and there isn’t such a thing as dress code. It is not necessary to wear a suit and a tie in a cafe if you don’t want to. Restaurants are a different story and you may be turned away if you are dressed in an inappropriate way. As for pubs, my attitude to them can be biased but I have a strong dislike for them. Maybe they are not as bad as that, but they are not a proper place for a girl, to say the least. As I said before it depends on your reason for eating out where you will enjoy yourself best.

Ответы на вопросы к теме say why people choose to eat in places like these. Where would you prefer to eat?

1. Have you ever been on a diet?
Dieting is a popular form of making your health better especially if you don’t forget about moderate physical activities. Like many girls and women I am in constant search of the best diet possible. It is a temptation to think of one which allows you to be in shape and doesn’t deprive you of occasional sweets and cakes.
2. Do you avoid food which has additives?
I try to do so though it is not an easy task. Food producers are always seeking ways to make their products cheaper and for this reason they replace natural ingredients with different additives with the aim of preventing food from going off or making it look or taste better.
3. Do you take vitamin supplements?
I know that it is rather difficult to get all the vitamins and minerals in needed amounts only by eating normal food so I keep in touch with my doctor to know what vitamins I need most of all. I have to fall back on the things from drug stores. They have vitamin supplements which meet the needs of a teenager so as not suffer from vitamin deficiency.
4. Do you eat frozen and ready-prepared meals?
If I am in a great hurry I can do so otherwise I try not to do. When I have very little chances of meeting yet another deadline I can’t think of anything but how to get out of this difficult situation. I am fully aware that meals of these kinds are not of high enough quality but sometimes circumstances override common sense.

Published: 2017-08-11
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