Ситуации для обсуждения на олимпиадах по английскому языку 7 класс

Темы и вопросы к ним с районной олимпиады по английскому языку в 7 классе в 2015 году.

Устные темы для проведения олимпиады по английскому языку в 7 классе.

I. Speak about the role of friends in your life
1.What’s your best friend like?
2.What’s your friend’s hobby?
3.What’s important in friendship: appearance or character?
4.Do you make friends easily?
II. Speak about the importance of sport.
1.Do you go in for sports? What’s your favourite kind of sport?
2.Why do people go in for sports?
3.Is it necessary to have PE lessons at school?
4.Do you go in for sports or do you watch sports competitions on TV?
III. Speak about shops and shopping.
1.Who does shopping in your family?
2.What shops do you like to visit most of all? Why?
3.Do you buy clothes in the shops or at the market?
4. Have you ever bought clothes on the Internet?
IV. Describe the house or flat you live in
1.What flat/ house do you live in?
2.What are your household chores?
3.Would you like to live in the country? Why?
4.What are the advantages of living in the city?
V. We can’t live without travelling, can we?
1.What landmarks can you advise to visit in Minsk?
2.What places in London are the most beautiful?
3.What would you like to show your British friend in your hometown?
4.Can travelling help you to get information about the world?
VI. Let’s speak about your family.
1. Will you introduce yourself?
2. Is your family large?
3. What can you tell us about your nearest and dearest?
4. Are you happy in your family?
VII. Speak about your school.
1.What can you tell us about your school?
2. What subjects are you good at?
3. What do you have for lunch in your school canteen?
4. What is more important for you: to learn new things or to meet your friends?
VIII. Let’s speak about books
1.Are you fond of reading?
2. Who is your favourite writer?
3.What genre are you keen on?
4.Do you take books in the library or prefer reading books online?
IX. Let’s talk about your free time.
1.Do you have much free time?
2. Do you have a hobby? What’s your hobby?
3.Do you spend much time using the Internet?
4.Give advice how to spend free time?
X. Let‘s speak about family life.
1.Is family important for you?
2.Speak about your parents. Do you have secrets from your parents?
3. Do you feel secure and confident in your family?
4. How much time do you spend with your family?
XI. Lucky are the people who have friends.
1. Do you have a lot of friends or one real friend?
2. How do you spend time together?
3. Is it possible to be friends with your parents?
4. What do you like in your friend most?
XII. Let’s speak about leisure time and hobbies.
1.What do you like doing in your free time?
2.Do you prefer spending free time with your family or with your friends?
3.Playing computer games is not a hobby, is it?
4.Do you like to travel?
XIII. Let’s speak about your school life.
1.Where is your school situated?
2.Speak about your school day.
3.What are your favourite subjects?
4. Is it easy or difficult to learn English for you? Do you use the Internet to learn English?
XIV. Let’s speak about reading in your life.
1.What books do you enjoy?
2.Why is reading useful?
3.How many books do you have at home?
4.Can computers replace books?
XV. Speak about healthy lifestyle.
1. What kinds of sport do enjoy?
2.What Belorussian sportsmen do you know?
3.Where can people do sports in Belarus?
4.Do you prefer eating healthy food or fast food?
XVI. Speak about yourself.
1.Will you introduce yourself?
2. What are the strong and the weak traits of your character?
3.What are your likes and dislikes?
4. Are you on friendly terms with your classmates?
XVII. East or West home is best.
1.Do you live in the house or in a block of flats?
2. Why do most people prefer to live in big cities?
3. Are there any advantages of living in the country?
4. How do you help your parents with housework every day?
XVIII. Speak about shops and shopping in people’s life.
1. Is shopping a pleasure for you? Where do you prefer doing your shopping?
2.Do you make a shopping list when you go shopping?
3.What are the advantages and disadvantages of modern shops in big cities?
4.Where do you usually buy clothes?

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