Ситуации для обсуждения на олимпиадах 9 класс (2016)

Темы и вопросы к ним с районной олимпиады по английскому языку в 9 классе в 2016 году.

Устные темы для проведения олимпиады по английскому языку в 9 классе.

* 1. Let’s talk about family.
1. How would you describe an ideal family?
2. Do you get on well with your family?
3. Are there any family traditions that you follow?
4. Who should be the breadwinner in the family?
* 2. They are rich who have true friends.
1. Describe your best friend.
2. Why are friends important for you?
3. Do you sometimes have misunderstandings with your friends?
4. How do you usually spend free time with your friends?
* 3. Let’s talk about about the importance of healthy lifestyle.
1. What do you do to keep fit?
2. What is healthy diet for you?
3. What are your school dinners like?
4. Is home-made food better than junk food? Why?
* 4. Let’s talk about fashion and clothes in people’s life.
1. Do you care about fashion?
2. What style in clothes do you prefer and why? 
2. Is it a good idea to look good?
3. What are your favourite clothes?
* 5. Let’s talk about weather and climate.
1. Do you have a favourite season?
2. Do you follow weather forecast?
3. Describe the climate of Belarus?
4. They say there is no bad weather, there are bad clothes. What do you think about it?
* 6. Let’s talk about your leisure time.
1. What do you do in your free time?
2. Do you stay at home or do you go out?
3. What other leisure time activities would you like to try?
4. Do you have enough free time? Why or why not?
* 7. Let’s talk about modern means of communication
1. What means of communication is the most important these days: radio, TV, the telephone or the Internet?
2. It is impossible to imagine our modern world without the Internet. What do you use the Internet for?
3. Is there any gadget you can’t live without? Why (not)?
4. Do people communicate more or less than they used to?
* 8. Let’s talk about studying at school.
1. What’s your school like?
2. Is it important to get good marks at school? Why? Why not?
3. Do you get on well with your classmates?
4. What school subjects do you enjoy to study?
* 9. Let’s talk about you way of learning English.
1. Is English a difficult subject?
2. What do you do to improve your English?
3. What role does English play in different spheres of life?
4. Do you agree that learning English is a must for every educated person?
* 10. Let’s talk about the United Kingdom.
1. What do you know about this country?
2. Speak about the places you would like to visit in Britain.
3. What is the UK famous for?
4. What do you know about British holidays and traditions?
* 11. Let’s talk about money.
1. How much pocket money do you get from your parents?
2. Do you ever give money to charity?
3. Money can’t buy love. Do you agree with this English proverb?
4. How much money would you like to earn when you have a job?
* 12. Let’s talk about music.
1. What music are you really into? Why?
2. What is your favourite band/singer?
3. Do you play a musical instrument?
4. Describe a concert you went to or watched on TV?
* 13. There is no life without books.
1. What do you mostly read?
2. Why do young people read less these days?
3. How much time do you read a day?
4. Is it necessary to study classical literature at school?
* 14. Let’s talk about cinema.
1. What comes to your mind when you hear the word «cinema»?
2. Is cinema still important?
3. Describe a film that produced a great impression on you.
4. Do you have a favourite actor/actress?
* 15. Let’s talk about professions and careers.
1. What are the most popular jobs nowadays?
2. What kind of job would you like to have in future?
3. Which is more important in your future job: interest or money?
4. Does school helps pupils choose their future jobs?
* 16. Let’s talk about the Republic of Belarus.
1. What is Belarus unique in?
2. What places in Belarus are most beautiful?
3. What famous Belorussian people do you know?
4. What Belorussian sights would you advise a foreigner to visit?
* 17. Let’s talk about shops and shopping.
1. Are you a shopaholic?
2. Where do you prefer to buy things?
3. What shops are the most popular among the teenagers?
4. Who does the shopping in your family?
* 18. Let’s talk about travelling.
1. What’s the best way to travel and why?
2. What role does travelling play in your life?
3. Do you prefer to travel alone or with a companion?
4. What places would you like to travel to?
* 19. Let’s talk about different types of houses.
1. Describe the house of your dreams.
2. What things can make your home cosy?
3. Do you have all modern conveniences in your house?
4. Do you share or have your own room?
* 20. Let’s talk about life in the city and in the country.
1. Speak about your hometown.
2. Would you like to live in this place for the rest of your life? Why? Why not?
3. Are city-dwellers different from countrymen? If yes, in what way?
4. Is the appearance of Belarussian cities and villages steadily improving?
* 21. Let’s talk about hobbies.
1. What are your relatives’ hobbies?
2. Have you ever come across a very strange hobby?
3. Is it necessary to learn how to make things with your own hands?
4. Which recreational activities help you to relax?
* 22. Let’s talk about education.
1. Good education doesn’t guarantee success in life, does it?
2. Is mental work more attractive for you than physical work?
3. Do you think higher education is important?
4. Can you get a good job without any qualification?
* 23. Let’s talk about outstanding people.
1. There are outstanding people in all countries, aren’t there?
2. What kind of people become famous?
3. Did any prominent people of Belarus live or work in your place?
4. What other Belorussians contributed to the glory and fame of our country?
* 24. Let’s talk about Belorussian customs and traditions. 
1. What can you tell me about your favourite Belorussian holiday?
2. Are you proud of our national holidays and traditions?
3. How do you usually see the New year in?
4. What is your idea of a perfect holiday?
* 25. Let’s talk about customs and traditions of an English-speaking country.
1. What British holidays do you know?
2. Do you find some British customs and traditions special? Why?
3. What national souvenirs would you buy in Britain?
4. What do people do at Christmas in Britain?

С примерами устных ситуаций по английскому языку для учащихся 9 классов предложенных в прошлом году можно ознакомиться тут.

Опубликовано: Июнь 25, 2016
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