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Слова близкие по значению в английском языке Часть 2

В этой записи мы познакомимся с устойчивыми словосочетаниями со словами gain, win, earn, make, achieve, beat и defeat. Все рассматриваемые словосочетания имею общую идею приобрести что-то или достигнуть.

Устойчивые словосочетания с gain, win, earn, make, achieve, beat и defeat

Слова часто употребляемые с gain

Gain часто используется с power, access, control, a reputation, publicity, recognition, an advantage.
I tried hard and gained control of the match.
His excellent performances helped him to gain recognition as a talented pianist.

Слова часто употребляемые с win

Win часто используется с an award, a prize, a medal, a match, a battle, a war, an election.
Will the film win any awards at the festival?
Which party is likely to win the forthcoming election?

Слова часто употребляемые с earn

Earn часто используется с a salary, money
He earns a decent salary.

Слова часто употребляемые с make

Make часто используется с a profit, money.
They made a huge profit when they sold their invention.

Слова часто употребляемые с achieve

Achieve часто используется с success, one’s goals, one’s aims.
Today, you need a joint effort to help you achieve success.

Слова часто употребляемые с beat и defeat

Beat и defeat часто используется с a team, an opponent.
The team were overwhelmingly defeated in the last game.

Упражнение на устойчивые сочетания с gain, win, earn, make, achieve, beat и defeat

1.It’s essential to … the battle against inflation.
[C] A gain B achieve C win D make
2.She was also working in the evenings wanting to … more money.
[D] A beat B gain C defeat D make
3.Both teams tried to … an advantage.
[A] A gain B make C achieve D earn
4.He quickly … a reputation as a skilful surgeon.
[D] A beat B made C won D gained
5.Germany had the potential to … medal in boxing last year.
[A] A won B made C achieved D earned
6.Teamwork is required in order to … these aims.
[B] A make B achieve C make D gain
7.He … his opponent with ease.
[B] A earned B defeated C made D won
8.She has worked hard to … her goal of a job in science research.
[C] A win B beat C achieve D defeat

Май 9, 2016