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Словообразование к экзамену отрицательные приставки Часть 1

В этой записи вам будет предложено упражнение на словообразование основанное на материалах книги Английский язык. Тесты по грамматике. Типичные ошибки Тests in the Use of English with a Supplement on Special Difficulties. Авторы (Панова И. И., Курочкина З. Д., Карневская Е. Б., Мисуно Е. А.) увидели переиздание их труда в 10 раз.
Нас же заинтересовали случаи, когда вам могут понадобиться разные отрицательные приставки при общем корне слова.

Упражнение на словообразование:

1 Lucy was *** to find out what had happened. ABLE
2 Any form of cheating means automatic ***. QUALIFY
3 His total *** in money puzzled his family. INTEREST
4 This policy would lead to greater *** in the region. STABLE
5 Her *** to concentrate could cause an accident. ABLE
6 The population has already begun to show its **** at the slow pace of change. PLEASURE
7 He believed it was an illegal and *** war. JUST
8 The French soldiers had the *** to be caught in the crossfire. FORTUNE
9 He asked a few more questions, to which he received *** answers. SATISFY
10 The cost of the building was ***. BELIEVE
11 He had developed a deep sense of social ***. JUST
12 The pieces were *** in length. EQUAL
13 He had the *** habit of eating with his mouth open. PLEASE
14 He became conscious of a growing ***. COMFORT
15 We spent a(n) *** night in a noisy hotel. COMFORT
16 He has a(n) *** habit of repeating himself. FORTUNE
17 It was a(n) *** book on genealogy. INTEREST
18 She seems to have fallen into *** with the director. FAVOUR
19 Pay cuts have led to widespread ***. SATISFY
20 People are concerned about corruption and social ***… EQUAL
21 The situation there remains very ***. STABLE
22 The experiment had not been an *** success. QUALIFY
23 The boat race was cancelled because of *** weather. FAVOUR
24 The reaction to the murders was one of shock and ***. BELIEVE

[1.unable 2.disqualification 3 disinterest 4 instability 5 inability
6 displeasure 7 unjust 8 misfortune 9 unsatisfactory 10 unbelievable
11 injustice 12 unequal 13 unpleasant 14 discomfort 15 uncomfortable
16 unfortunate 17 uninteresting 18 disfavour 19 dissatisfaction 20 inequality
21 unstable 22 unqualified 23 unfavourable 24 disbelief]
При выделении блока [] вы увидите ответы для данного упражнения, которое рассчитано на уровень владения английским языком (upper)intermediate и может быть использовано при подготовке ЕГЭ или FCE.

Июль 25, 2015
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