Топик So many men — so many minds

Наверное будет трудно найти фразу, которая отразит мое отношение к шаблонам устных топиков на олимпиадах более емко чем So many men- so many minds. А что же можно рассказать по этой теме?

Можно рассказать много чего разного! Оценивается же не мнение, а качество демонстрируемого языка!!!
Приводимый отрывок не более чем пример …

Сочинение по теме So many men — so many minds

I absolutely agree with the statement, as there is no other variety like that in the number of different opinions and views. Though mass media and other means of influencing our opinion make some people think in pretty much the same way, there are still countless disagreements concerning different matters. And that is wonderful! If everyone had the same opinion, there would be nothing to talk and argue about, the world would be very dull. So as far as I am concerned any difference between people is a positive thing that has always been present and will always take place in our lives.
I firmly believe that people’s opinions differ as much as people themselves. It is the way they had been brought up and their features of characters that influence the way they think.
My own experience tells me that often people argue about a thing they are in different minds about. However trying to understand each other is the key to a life in harmony with yourself and the people around you. There is no point in having constant rows with each other only because you like different things. It is natural that we are very different, though it creates certain problems at times.
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Опубликовано: Декабрь 1, 2014