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Speak about different ways in which you save time

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Сочинение по теме Speak about different ways in which you save time

To start with, time is the most wanted thing in the world. People are in the habit of complaining about their misfortunes. If I had had a chance to is what you are likely to hear. They wished they could be in the right place at the right time. If only they hadn’t wasted their time. Observations like these make me think that time is worth saving.
We can’t control time as it flows at its speed. We can keep up with it only. The first thing which comes to my mind is to do away with time wasting activities like watching TV and playing computer games. Many people find watching films a comfortable excuse for doing nothing. I wouldn’t say that being glued to your TV is the best form of relaxation. Sleeping or being involved into an activity of different nature could be more beneficial. If you are tired after, say, lessons, go for a stroll. If you are have no strength to carry on, sleep like a log. If you relax in the right way there are other things to take care of.
Sometimes people misuse their time when they are indecisive to start. They can’t pluck up their courage to begin. They keep on thinking about the things which are unimportant or out of their reach. They try to forecast the possible results of their actions but fail to have a clear picture of might have happened and do nothing. It is normal not to have everything right at your first go. Yet another failure? Try again. Winners are not always the best but they are the most persistent ones. A thorough planning is vital, but don’t forget a winner takes it all. Planning shouldn’t prevent you from taking actions. Think of a plan and carry it out to the letter.
As for my ways for saving time, I have a diary. Every evening I set out my ideas for the next day in the form of a plan. On the following day I do my best to stick to it. At the end of a day I make a short analysis of my achievements. In the light of my findings I think about the day to come.

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Март 23, 2016