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People used to live in caves. Later they lived in castles. We live in houses or blocks of flats. If you live in a house you are an owner of the land where it is situated. You can build an extension to it or rebuild the house from scratch. You can plant a garden or dig a swimming pool. It goes without saying that being an owner of a house may cost you a fortune but it gives you more freedom. If you live in a flat you can’t change a lot but it also doesn’t take you a lot of time to keep it in good condition. Apart from that different kinds of accommodation can be owned or rented. If you rent either a flat or a house you can’t change anything, even change furniture. In my opinion it is not very convenient but if you have no choice it is the only way of having a dwelling. In this case your house is not your castle. If you don’t have money to buy it, you had better take a loan from a bank.

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На удивление к этой теме в сборнику устных тем к экзамену предлагается такой вопрос — Do you agree that most people prefer to live in a big city? Why?
It is useless trying to deny this fact. People tend to leave villages and move to big cities. It has always been so. They believe that the life in a big city is better. They forget about fierce competition they will face. The more opportunities a place offers the more fortune seekers will turn up.
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Опубликовано: Июль 27, 2015
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